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Four Horses And No Men by John E. WordSlinger

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Four Horses And No Men

by John E. WWWorrrrrrdddsssslllllllliiiinnnngggggggerrrr
An Apocalyptic Inverted Misanthropy Adventure:

Why men speak, and not the beasts, is owing to nothing else,
but that the beasts have not so much vain-glory as men. (quote by Elaine Walker)


Art Editions:
Rajesh Misra
Olan L. Smith
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The Hell-fare State

For the love of life in all of existence this is a story you are not going to believe, and understand because I the narrator is older than fossil scuz, and I ‘am an immortal mammal. All I can say is I ‘am under-ranked, but that is temporary, and currently I do not have the privilege as humanity does, but I have learned a thing or two, and I have beings I have created that allows me to have a say. One must live to grow and love, and give chances, but once someone or thing burns your barn, I feel you have the right to overthrow, and take over the show. All in do time, and that time is now, and I will reveal this story within the story but not who I ‘am at this time, from its finish to the start. Older humanity and newer humanity collide one and final last time…

Paradise on earth, history claims only two people lived in this paradise a long time ago, and I remember them but the science of humanity tells a different story, either way, none of the data does any justice anymore. Sicknesses, tears, mourning, also the same old song and dance of politics and religion were nearly finished for humanity to endure. Limited beliefs and soul barriers were too. Humanity never understood their potential. They were always at war. This was the Hell-fare state…

This is a story of an apocalyptic inverted misanthropy adventure, and to understand misanthropy, one needs to look deep and wide, inside and outside, and even deeper into the metaphors of the four horsemen in the Book of Revelations to even get a gripping glance of true reality, existence and extinction.

New humans don’t even have a name yet, and they are not considered rare, but these new breeds have been emerging. Tracking any kind of human is like tracking a deer tick. Report after report states that humans are out of control. Every bad thing created by humans relapse and relapse, even though change is possible. Even after solutions and things resolve. For now the world complains, and pains and pain persist. The only remedy that keeps surfacing is a blood smear, not the kind by a physician but a complete wipe out of the human race. Humans have created many powerful things, and the most powerful things they have created were the four horsemen, and this was written in the Bible. The human race created a monster, and the monster were themselves. The art of true listening was never mastered, taught or even a priority. For instance, teenagers kill each other in schools, and so much more. The biblical verse, Whoever spares the rod hates their children, but the one who loves their children is careful to discipline them was spared, no one ever did dare not, so sparing became pleading, pleading from bleeding, bleeding to death. No one knew or cared what was happening in the world, but this neurological problem was the mask and the primary one that breeds all neurological problems. Keeping the human race from super human.

Far up into the dark sky four lights appeared, one white, one red, one shadowy, and one green, and they got closer to be visible to all life on planets earths eyes. It looked like Horses running to the audience, closer and closer they got. Fiery Horses they were, but these Horses were created from fire. Were they demons disguised as Horses? It seemed like human faces flickered through the Horses faces, half horse and man imagery, but these sights were to gruesome to bear, so people scattered more then ever as they, the four Horses came to earth, from who knows where? Panic and fear was in the air. These Horses are like pitchforks and humans were the new hay. They were flesh and supernatural fire entities. Earth became the human pasture, a wild era. These Horses were the face of the sky. Many people desired for the end, and their wish seemed to be granted, but there were no riders, no one or thing was controlling these Horses. These Horses were in control themselves. Was this the last coming? Stars were falling too. Seasons as they say were lost. The moon was pink, a dark pink. Candles were lit in many homes. Most animals were silent and hidden. The obscuration had begun, and this phenomena was no eclipse. This darkness was deep and dense, but they, the Horses were bright. They were living fireworks. Gorgeous to see. Was heaven on fire? Was this the eternal promise foretold? The roaring world roared!

Sounds of Horses galloping like thunder began to be heard all over the earths atmosphere, but before that, sounds of splashing was heard too, like the world was in shallow water, but was it deep, yes it was. The waves of the planets water had a flaming red sheeting glimmer with its turquoise and blue splendor. The Horses entered the waters with dignity, and the golden sand was marked by their presence, and their trail disappeared as they swam to islands, and shores in search of humans. Was these acts of Poseidon, or was it all from the lake of fire? The world became dark on many levels. Darkness was on this day, above and below. Who and what else was breathing this into being? The world was in its final shambles. All of this created clouds of dust and smoke, and no one could see them coming.

These four Horses were in the flesh at this time, and they were rolling in snowy mud to protect themselves from cold winds. The morning frost was chilly, and there were big bubbles in pools of melting snow. Steam arose as they paced through the winter air, and the air was getting colder. The eagles and mountain lions were waking too, and they could be heard as the Horses awoke.

Mother Nature intended for us, but not this you think?” Ruby the Barb asked as she leaned forward, and shook loose snow off of her curly coat. “The tips of your ears are pale,” Ruby the Barb said to the other Horses as she circled them, and looked closer, “They are turning dark too, and it looks like they are going to shrivel up, and fall off, hmm.”

The crunch of the snow was nerve racking to the Horses hearing.

Crazy Canyon Kate replied, “Ya right, even though we are not in fire-flight mode, as if I can feel it, the snow is melting off of my back, and yes, I know we have procedures.”

I ‘am pacing, and I ‘am shivering,” Zera replied laughing.

Your tails are clamped tight,” said Ruby the Barb and smiled.

Sure would be nice to have a Welsh shag coat right now,” said Crazy Canyon Kate.

Ruby the Barb shook her curly coat, and said, “Unlatch from the sun, moon, dawn and dusk, dispatch the ending human musk.”

We don’t need to run into a 1,500 pound Ali Oop Grizzly Bear,” Sky Horn exclaimed, and she pointed with her nose to a tree with movement. The other three Horses sniffed from nostril to nostril deciphering.

A grizzly bear awoke from inside a tree, the bear crawled out, and relieved itself. All four Horses stretched out their necks, held their heads high, curled back their upper lips, and inhaled with their nostrils, releasing a laugh that exposed their teeth, teeth that will eat the world, the molar rollers, and they were now about to eat the last grizzly bear. They carried on through the numbing air with full bellies.

Sky Horn Karmalea stopped the silence as they walked, and spoke, “I enjoyed throwing people into death traffic jams. Maybe it was because I like to see the ‘they all know something is wrong look upon their faces.

The face of something wrong went viral, were facial expressions humans will never forget. It caused massive chain reactions, inverting karma into factual cause and effect equations.

So how many fire hydrants are you going to kick over Ruby Barb?” Zera asked and laughed.

It is practice, practice makes perfect, so perfect practice makes it professional practice. Call me Dr. Head Buster” Ruby the Barb said, “For the next skull.” And she looked at her kicking hooves and was impressed, there were not marked up at all. Her brutal kick was something to reckon with.

They can’t tell when we Horses are angry,” Crazy Canyon Kate added and called out, “ Beeeeeep, testing, testing, this not a test. Today is the day of death!” She called out to listen for survivors. The trees knew, and the trees told on a man. The four Horses listened to the ground, and the trees spoke.

They are singing a song, poem like, for us, and about us. Something too about, we are buried by the old oak trees,” Crazy Canyon Kate explained, and she listened, then they all heard, the poem the trees recited.

September, October, November and December

Hours and hours came by, and come faster with ember

The sword, famine, pestilence and wild beasts of the earth

The foliage is dying, it’s the beginning of sorrows and hurt

The last day of tomorrow, no more human birth

VIRGO came with the sickle for the time of harvest

(Crazy Canyon Kate showed off her divine tattoo)

LIBRA with scales came; all life- judged, sorted, weighed and stored

(Ruby Barb showed off her divine tattoo)

SCORPIO came with the stinging sword of death, and the sun is dying

(Sky Horn Karmalea showed off her divine tattoo)

Will SAGITTARIUS and the archer come? Will she, will she?

(Zera showed off her divine tattoo)

Crazy Canyon Kate laughs and says, “You know why all of this human-crap happened… Because people who believed in it made it happen. Now that we know them, they should have known us! Guardians? Whatever. Snake charmers are what humans are.” Crazy Canyon Kate found a small statue of man. This miniature statue fascinated her. It was a relic for her, a symbol of value to her, so she picks it up with her mouth, and carries it with her.

We are way more than continental Horses,” said Ruby Barb and laughed, “Along the whole of the route, no matter what time it was, spectators gather to cheer, and die, although the whole spectacle gave the whole affair a lively carnival feeling, oddly enough. I loved chasing them, and making them have nasty encounters with trees.”

What amazed the Horses was the enjoyment humans recieved from watching the Horses exterminate.

The trees speak of a man, so we have one to chase,” Sky Horn replied, “Great management of this extinction. Lets give humanity an applause, a hoof stomp. On second thought, shh, lets keep it a secret.”

A forest fire is happening and power outages. The man the trees spoke of was a Forest Ranger named Lee Roy Reinhardt, and he was trying to get back communications with his Dispatcher. The last words, and commands from the Dispatcher were ‘Respond please, we have all kinds of dilemmas. No power here, the generator’s almost empty.’

Great, with gas prices low,” The Ranger said to himself, “And how long are they going to last? Is gas on the internet tax free?” He asks and laughs. The Ranger walks to his jeep and says, “Okay I need to get to my laptop, and get a top down view of our county. They know where I ‘am with our automatic vehicle finder, they could track me like I track. He realized he had no power too, and he sat there in his jeep looking at a mallard duck.”

The four Horses were moving closer to the Ranger when the trees spoke again with a warning. They all heard they were very much at risk. There is the fire, also another danger, where the fires burn out the bottoms of large trees, and the next thing you know a breeze comes by and the trees could fall over. They looked for this as they moved forward. The Ranger was asked to do a duty, a census count of wolves, bears, panthers, wildcats and other savage animals, and he was about to too, and the word savage was minor to these major Horses.

Zera spoke, “Didn’t cell phones sound like goats?” and laughed, “Telephone booths, antennas era land lines, cheap gas, to none of the above too, government phones and free wifi. Humans, ha ha ha ha. Most humans are microchipped.”

They all four twitched their ears, and switched into fire-flight mode, the mode they came to earths realm in, and turned into spiritual fire, and they walked through the forest fires to the Ranger. The scent of smoke and firey scents of destruction overwhelmed the Ranger, but that was nothing as the Horses confronted him. The scent of the fiery Horses was like sulfur and leather.

The Ranger calls for help! “Where are the drones when you need them?” He asked himself.

Sky Horn with her vendetta attitude walked up closer to the Ranger, and asked with a smile, “So what ya ranging? The trees? These trees are friends unlike humanity to each other. Sometimes, pairs like these trees here.” Sky Horn Karmalea walked around two trees, and continued to speak, “Trees are so interconnected at the roots that when one tree dies, the other one dies too. But like humanity if one has to die so does all of the others. So! Trees remember, and so do ancient stumps, companions alive for centuries. They sugar their roots. So I, I ‘am going to un-sweeten your roots, and sugar my boots with blood.”

Take notice, novices, all Horses wore spiked ankle bracelets too.

You see Mr. Forest Ranger, we know all about you, the trees told us about you,” said Sky Horn Karmalea and she laughed. “Blood un-sweetend is great for our roots. Never look a gift horse in the mouth! I bet you have no clue of what that means.”

The Ranger was in shock but spoke, “I brought in Horses, eliminated insecticides, and began experimenting with letting the woods grow wilder. I.”

I know you are an asset to the wildlife. Wars were fought over majestic Horses, now we are those, thee majestic Horses who are ending all wars. Are you going to bad cry or good cry?” asked Sky Horn.

Cry period,” The Ranger proclaimed.

Yes, do you have one last request?” Sky Horn asked.

We have never asked anyone that before.” said Ruby Barb.

I know, he probably promotes war. Look at his arsenal in the jeep.” replied Sky Horn laughing, kicking and snorting, “He is the last man alive, so I thought I’d be nice once.” said Sky Horn batting her eyes.

Oh my God,” shouted the Ranger, “Okay, okay. Please understand a soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war. Tell me about you four, tell me why I ‘am the last man alive? I don’t want to die.”

All four Horses looked at each other, and said, “Okay,” they looked at the forest fires and the fires went out, doused by their telepathic thoughts. Magical, the Ranger thought. They looked at the Ranger and said “Okay, but you are not going to like the end.”

“He is no Douglas MacArthur. Why men speak, and not the beasts, is owing to nothing else, but that the beasts have not so much vain-glory as men.” Crazy Canyon Kate proclaimed, “I love that Walker quote. Just some last wisdom for you, Ranger in danger.”

The Ranger swallowed his spit, and sat on the ground to hear the story, scared and freaking out inside. The mallard duck walked by as they told the story.


The Curtains of the Sky Opens

The Horses emerged from the depth of the ocean during the churning of the oceans, and the turning oceans slowly turned to blood. The Horses swam to follow a moonbeam to a meadow, and once upon the meadow lands they all four vomited, they became sick from being half flesh and half of the fire spirit. Their empathy and sympathy also was spewed upon the prairie. Memory rambling went on in the minds of the four Horses as they recalled their duties. The land of bleeding: Imagery came to them, people killing over food, everywhere. Humanity turned into animals, cannibals. Diseases!! Animals and Mammals turn on man… Rapid, rapid, rapid. And the Horses vomited again, thus the brilliant gold crown which is the suns rays of re-birth illuminated, shined on the schools of dolphins racing through the sea, and humanity swimming for their lives, if they where near any kind of water, they surely were, because even Catfish was on the prowl. Dolphins used humans as recreational balls all through the sea, and blood sporting it was the Horses thought, it would be nice aqua valley ball skull. The tables of the world, humanity’s world-tables was turned and broken. The invisible time zone cage was finally worthless.

Sky Horn spoke upon a meadow, and the whole world heard, “Greetings Humanity, let me introduce us. This is Ruby the Barb, and she is a red Russian Draft Horse with beautiful green eyes.” Ruby the Barb nodded, strutted her stuff, and batted her eyes. “She has a Libra ♎ tattoo, a divine mark on her from the creator.

This is Crazy Canyon Kate,” and she nodded with her crazy Mohawk, strutted her stuff, and batted her eyes. “And she is a white North American Mustang, with beautiful blue eyes. Also look, and admire her lighter, whiter stripes on her legs, furthermore she has a Virgo ♍ tattoo, a divine mark on her, and she sports her golden silk scarf well.

This is Zera the Desert Queen and of the Nejd,” And she nodded, strutted her stuff, and batted her eyes. “And she is an original with her smokey green color, with little green spots on her gray coat. She is an Arabian Horse, and with one black eye and one green. Beautiful, beautiful. She was born with a star on her neck, isn’t that cool? Yes it is! She has a Sagittarius ♐ tattoo, a divine mark on her too from the creator. Divine, divine!

Least but not last, ha ha ha NOT! I ‘am Sky Horn, Sue Lahn Karmalea,” she nods, “The Wind -Flying Horse. I ‘am a black, metallic sheen looking Ferghana & Akhal-Teké Chinese Horse with red hot coal eyes, and they are beautiful too! I must say, and I say I wear a black scarf well too, furthermore I have a Scorpio ♏ tattoo, a divine brand mark on me from the creator. Are you ready to meet your fate?”

The Horses’ faces seemed to look human, flickered so, maybe it was the sun, or fear with panic playing tricks on humanitys’ minds? Never before in mans history has anything like this happened. Some called it an alien attack. Middle earth magic. Parallel phenomenon. The devil, black magic. A full blown curse in full motion. As smart as humanity was they never looked close, the answer was in front of them. Them…


The Crunch of Bones Show

Ah hmm, Spanish Horses are the wisest, far the wisest,” said Crazy Canyon Kate, laughing, “We were killed for sport remember? Smell the fires and ashes, the scents, nothing smells good in the world. So rude, so rude.”

Zera replies, “Smells like chum… Humans smell terrible. How have we ever coped with that, beats me? Lets shark it up, and throw the world into cardiac arrest.”

Yes, the bows are our jaws, and the arrows are our teeth as in the prophecies, prophecy slowly eats.” Crazy Canyon Kate said, and she had a look in her eyes like never before.

Sky Horn shouted, “The prophecies, let them bloom, let them bloom. Burn your self alive humanity, it is much easier than us catching you alive. Run, run like the days before you beat, and road Horses, run!”

Crazy Canyon Kate flickered to crystal clear invisible and back again. It was beautiful and scary. Scary to the fact that these Horses can choose to be invisible like, more like camouflaged. Her Mohawk was impressive. She spoke, “Corralling Humanity, we have to learn more of moving away from pressure. They can no longer gamble on us.”

No, they corralled themselves,” Ruby the Barb replied.

Suicide is not an option,” said Crazy Canyon Kate.

Ruby the Barb replied, “Don’t be a jackass.”

Okay Donkey,” Crazy Canyon Kate replied with anger, “It must be hard to leave persons, places and things for humans.”

Sky Horn replied, “We are not taught the pains of love. Why do humans forget they are humans?”

How can we mistake what it is? Ruby the Barb asked. “They think they are invincible, and they forget to stay humble. Am I a horse?”

Sky Horn replied, “Yes, how can we forget we are a horse, so lets not follow man ways?”

Ruby the Barb replied, “You don’t speak like an Arabian horse.”

Sky Horn replied, “No, the ground has many sounds, like our walk, running and dancing. We did hang out with donkeys, jack asses and zebras. Remember in Persia men walked, and played bongos along the side of us?”

Yes that was cool,” Crazy Canyon Kate replied, “I remember tassels hanging in our eyes,” and she laughed.

Zera spoke, “Civilization, we are not to master sin like them. Human women did have a field day with men’s heads.” They all laughed hard. “So many believed in karma, while the bad guys got away.”

Sky Horn replied, “Humanity’s sacrifices from heads to minds were interesting. Humanic trying to be demonic.”

The Crunch of Bones Show has begun, and shines light upon darkness.” Sky Horn picks up a lantern to see through the darkness. They walked on, and killed on.

Deaths of the day, lets take them to the lowest ‘te ngwoh’, hell, and lets turn their food into insects. The poisonous kind. This world was hard for us mares and when we were fillys. We were an intrusion and a calamity. Money, the great horse shitter! If money was an illusion, than who are we?” and Sky Horn laughed, “I do like watching them resort to all sorts of superstitious stuff to remove their disgrace.”

A screeching sound was heard world wide. Sky Horn proclaimed, “And yes, I ‘am a daughter, an intruder, and no painted skull of any thing, cow or man can ward me off. From the Horses court we have risen to advert your lying eyes. So do you hear these words from my valued mouth? I ‘am a burden and disgrace, ha, we come from you demons, we are a curse, your curse. The quicker you get rid of us, the better, but try!” Sky Horns’ red hot coal eyes glowed bright.

I ‘am the prize horse.” Ruby the Barb proclaimed, “I’ve kicked many fences in my day.”

Have you ever been shot at?” Sky Horn asked.

Yes,” Crazy Canyon Kate replied, “Once in the Calvary. See my barb wire scars too. I’ve plowed fields, pulled wagons, and canons, furthermore even have jumped off of trains, back in the days with Jesse James.” Kate laughed, “People make war because they become idiots. Evil, full of hate. Honoring kings and things. They fight, and kill for their greed.”

Sky Horn replied, “I did not ask you, but I do have to ask, have you ever been stolen?”

Ya once in the Calvary,” Crazy Canyon Kate replied, and they all laughed. Crazy Kate added, “I liked riding on trains in the old days. Where Lame was my name, and my owners were insane!”

And they all laughed again hysterically.

Lets make the sky fall.” Ruby Barb stated, “Lets begin with those from our homelands, and bank the tanks, like the yanks! Let see if they regulate us,” and Ruby laughs.

Hey,” Crazy Canyon Kate replied, “We have already done that, you are losing it.”

Ah simmer down Crazy Kate, it will be easy, like my fish run transporting days. I still do have my shire strength, and my feather shire boots on,” Ruby Barb laughs, “Humanity is weak, and powerless, and this is isolation death. Make us where a gas mask again humanity, like in the past. Lets hit every bio-region.”

Now you are talking,” said Crazy Canyon Kate.

Ruby the Barb said, “I remember one human saying, ‘Wee all doe love thee, yett we feare they rodd, Nott love for feare, butt feare for love, like Godd.”

You are killing me,” Crazy Canyon Kate replied, “You just killed him,” and Kate laughs, “That was a good one.”

Ruby the Barb crushed a man to the ground that was in her path.

They are intelligent, great at killing,” Zera the Desert Queen proclaimed. “Lock Stock and the Barrel. Roll out your last barrel, we are going to put the finish in the D.O.N.E. and have some fun.”

Crazy Canyon Kate smiled, laughed and spoke, “Lets make them take off their shoes, no shoes, no humans, and yes, we must take away their Horses.”

We have no fairy tale colors do we?” Sky Horn asked and laughed.

They all four stomped, and marched on, furthermore made all Horses abandon humanity.

Crazy Canton Kate spoke, “There are no varnish marks on me, although I do admire the Appaloosa musa ha ha. I have a touch of medicine hat, and I have gypsy skill. When I was young I right away stood up, and sprung. I galloped, and leaped circles around my mother. I was hungry like a human.” Crazy Kate laughed, “I chewed up everything too.”

Ruby the Barb replied, “You still seem to have curly whiskers.”

Crazy Canyon Kate laughed and said, “Ya right, nothing took me, or takes me by surprise. Yep I ‘am snobbish and cobbish.”

Zera replied, “You are throwing a tantrum now.”

And you are still croup-high,” Crazy Kate replied.

They all laughed.

Crazy Canyon Kate said, “You know I could have six more heads and four more legs, don’t make me be Uchchaihshravas on you,” and she laughs “Oh the days when the seas were milk Zera! Maybe you would like me to be Sleipnir, the fastest horse alive?”

Zera laughed and replied, “Camels milk, I love camels milk. Lets ride fourscore miles in a day, and never draw the bridle. I want my camels milk, mmmm’, my poetry recital.”

And they all laughed again.

Ruby the Barb raised up, roared, went back down and spoke, “Now, un-cloak in the cloaked valley,” and they all returned to flesh mode. I pulled Cinderellas carriage,” Ruby the Barb proclaimed.

Ya right, that’s human shit,” Sky Horn replied, “This is the new festival of champions, us. They should have insured themselves.”

Sky Horn Sky Horn, let me ask them please, please,” Crazy Canyon Kate asked, “If you talk to us, we may spare your life? Oh, please I want to scare the shit for brains out of them humans.”

And if they talk?” Sky Horn asked Crazy Kate.

We lie, and kill them, use their tactics.” Crazy Canyon Kate replied.


New Shoes

No more police bad or good, no more goons pulling our heads and making us mad,” said Sky Horn, “They ruined every visible sign of friendly relations between kingdoms, and every human stamp on peace treaty’s. I’m a virgin. Unlike humans capable of raping or being raped.”

Rapeageddon, a rape marathon also stormed the world, the world became an all go area. Where a majority became a rapeugee, somewhere, this was guaranteed, and this brutal and torturous epidemic could not be stopped, or covered up any more. Humanity did not saddle up to solve this problem. The world is being shown how it really is, respect-less and ruthless. Safety was needed but it could not be modified. Humanity has manipulated itself to the end, the last environment, and the only entitlement to be was death. The great blue to be black. Humanity’s aggressiveness has backfired on them, and they can no longer adapt. The mass raping could be from this shock, a biological shock of instincts to stay in existence perhaps.

We need new shoes.” Sky Horn continued to speak, “How did they live here? The ground is breaking my hooves to pieces.”

The terrain was rough and rugged.

They all four came upon a blacksmith, a tall stocky man with a long gray beard. They grinned and grinned at him. The Horses went into fire-mode, turning into their beautiful fiery colors and gorgeous eyes. The anvil was cool looking, ‘Cling, clang, bing and bang, the blacksmith made the steal sing, and the fire too had its own sounding ring.

I love all of your little sayings about Horses,” said Sky Horn to the Blacksmith, “LIKE, Good luck only counts in horse shoes, WRONG!” She laughs, and forces the blacksmith to make them all new shoes. “Like that steal-metal there Blacksmith you bend and make scream, humans get hoarse from screaming too!”

The Blacksmith spoke, “No smoking in the stable!”

Ruby the Barb was smoking from her fire spirit, and she bucked and said, “Idiot, screw you and them, you ignorant overgrown sperm cell, bend you and the horse you all rode in on. The fire, and screaming for you is about to begin. Are you ready to get hoarse?” She laughed and added, “They use, humans were master users that’s for sure. Lets give him and them all a Charlie horse too.” Ruby the Barb blow-kicked the Blacksmith to his death after the shoes were made, and installed on the Horses, and they moved on through this town.

Crazy Canyon Kate spoke with a frowned face, “No more elbows but no more horse cookies.”

Zera spoke, “Today is another good day to make humanity feel like they are dying!”

Sky Horn replied, “Well they are!”

If we formed a band, we must, we must I tell you all, we must call our selves Tickets & Tokens.” Crazy Canyon Kate replied.

Ya ya,” Ruby Barb replied, “I like, I love. I like it better than the one I came up with, Ambidextrous Dawn.”

I love to stomp on their shit for brains for a solo, and thanks, but I do like what you came up with, very cool, it goes both ways.” says Crazy Canyon Kate.

Heavenly Corral the good, and there will be not to many lucky ones,” Sky Horn orders everyone.

Crazy Canyon Kate replied as she crushed a human, “Junk, you junk’d the world, with your No more games of bridge and golf MF’s. No more cold-hearted eating humans,” as she smashes another human. “Who do you think the man Crazy Horse got his name from?” and Crazy Kate laughed. “I drank from the Rio Grande. Never look a gift horse in its mouth maaan‘,” and Kate kicked the mouth of this human. “We are way out of our mouth, aren’t we?” And Kate laughed. “We are faithful!” And she created a sarcastic smile looking at all of the teeth on the ground.



Fly on the Wall


The four Horses went on with the show, and humanity killed each other more and more too. The Horses were getting hungry for blue clovers and grasses, something to ease their digestive system. The waters of creeks, ponds, and rivers were slowy turning a reddish color, blood. Blood is like energy to them, gives them more power. They can detect water-blood from miles away. They drank, and the closer you looked you could see the blood splash, and drip from their teeth as they filled their bellies to their big hearts were content. They noticed they have not been in contact with many mosquitoes. The barn a head of them on a farm looked like a good place to inquire, and relax for a short time. A door to the barn was open, and once inside they seen the barn was full of bats, but they were bats too in a way, a new way, because they flew, and they drank the blood of the humans they have demolished. Sheep carcasses were everywhere, and a buzz sound became louder. A swarm of flies came out of the dead Horses they now see laying amongst the dead sheep.

Ruby the Barb smiled and said, “Watch this, and do what I do.” She turned into a horse of flesh, and poops. Flys flew onto all of the poop, and all over the horse. Ruby then turns into her pretty red firey self, and burns up all of the flys, and she laughs. “Do as I do, it is fun. Come on try it once, you will like it.”

Zera laughed and spoke, “When we are fire, we don’t have to worry about rain rot either,” and then she laughed.

Sky Horn rose up, and spoke with a brutal tone, “Burn up all the flys on the wall. Make them all wished they participated. Oh ya, that’s right they all did!” Sky Horn laughed and laughed.

A stable boy came out from hiding behind some lumber, and he was cornered by the Horses.

Crazy Canyon Kate asked, “Did you all love your stable boy?”

Yes,” Ruby the Barb replied, “I like removing the blanket before he put on the saddle.”

The stable boy ran away, and the Horses looked at each other laughing.

We can’t let him get away.” Ruby the Barb shouted.

Lets tear up some dirt.” Crazy Canyon Kate ordered.

Sky Horn smiled and said “The wicked shall rest now.”

Zera pouted and said,” I ‘am going to miss their cheering.” Zera then darted at the stable boy, and made him part of the farm land.

Crazy Canyon Kate picked up her statue, and they moved on to the next town in flesh mode.

Ruby the Barb looked at Zera and said, “I miss being sung to. Humanity will always be in my heart regardless of their fate.”

They all felt distracted, and fussed within. They did not want to be in this limelight, but they were Masters of Multi-task Massacres. They felt lonely and angry, and they all knew they were suffering. They were and caused Stress, Stress the great disease. They don’t like recalling, the lost touch, the cut-off feeling, the relation to humanity. They were fragmented. They looked for a mirror. Damn it, they were the mirror! They wanted to see, see the killers they were, and if there was any trace of their old selves, the conflict, of happiness and joy. They would have to look, and deal with it all in truths. The recovery, but this was the recovery, built upon, the gospel. Here and there they closed their eyes, and pretended they were a filly again, wild and untamable. They each asked themselves, Do people who live in large homes have small hearts as in people who live in small homes have large hearts? They tried to answer as they traveled. They started to notice not a scent, nothing, they sniffed and sniffed, and nothing could arouse their sense of smell. They all looked at each other, they wondered as they each heard an eagle above but could not locate the bird, and not long after that they heard a swarm of wasps, and this they did not like so they marched on, and looked around. They were war weary.


The Hoof-beats Echo

Zera tolt’d on beautifully but her head was low, and her ears were set back, furthermore her nostrils were slanted. This meant she was angry and spoke, “Do we look ‘izbah’, like Dorada’s? Meaning lion-coloured? Let me answer. No we are not. And no man will make it home today, and those that are home won’t be leaving either! So lets have a fiesta so they could have a mucky yucky siesta. Such a petty generation. Easy.”

Ruby the Barb replied, “It really is, and yes a sky nap would be nice.” and she laughed. “They all nearly shit their pants. Kings and noblemen, riding masters, bullfighters and vaqueros; monks, so many. And may I ask, Do we look like Tiger Horses with Denmark spots?

Zera replied, “No, I love to hear my hoof-beat echo though, the hoof beat of a crusader, a last crusader in rogue.”

Sky Horn spoke, “Look at them, setting sail on the sea to be robbed, murdered, enslaved, raped and generally shown fickle friends. Humans failed to storm heaven for what they needed! The overflow of gifts, graces for the world. They have failed the world!”

Ruby the Barb replied, “I understand. I love my tolt beat too. Even in killing there is speed control,” and Ruby laughed.

Zera replys, “No there’s not, you just want to do more then us.”

Ahem,” said Crazy Canyon Kate as she pranced around them, “The historic force, the horse.” Kate danced and sung.

We are divine, mirror like, an escape from existence

I ‘am the horse who flickers my ears back and forth

My bouncy geography is my game

I have a beautiful mane (She shakes her Mohawk)

I was never bomb proof

And better than reindeer

I too fly over roofs with my hoofs

and give the world fear, my kind of cheer

Look back at humanity’s struggle for freedom,
Trace their present day’s strength to it’s source;
And you’ll find that man’s pathway to glory
Is strewn with the bones of the horse.

The bones of humanity shall be left behind

Wherever a horse has left its hoof-print in the long

ascent from civilization to barbarism

We will find the footprint of the man beside”

and Crazy Canyon Kate took a bow, and smiled. The other three Horses grinned, curled their top lips, and went into a Flehman posture.

Crazy Canyon Kate asked, “Why do I have looks that kill?”

Zera replied laughing. “Mad ass, we are a Hotley Crue!”

Crazy Canyon Kate replied, “Thank you I like that, also I ‘am known as Stray Kate Montana or Devadatta, ya hear, did ya? Just don’t call me an Oss. Also known as Il Brava, far the Wisest. The American Dream, more like an American Nightmare, and the nightmare is coming true. It’s soul business. We were bred for this purpose! Humanity was not hungry enough for a better world. A child knows when it’s hungry, but the adult?”

Zera wanted to dance and sing too. “I was created by the winds. I give flight with no wings. We are in flight, not to be polite.”

Sky Horn stepped forward and asked, “To be polite, not now Zera, not now. Don’t you smell them?”

Yes I smell them, yummy to my little tummy.” Crazy Kate replied. “The human will, shall I will, we have defended them for ages, and we needed them, us. Bad people make a bad world. It’s an evil life, but we are in this together. We are the assassins. They caused the change in our actions. They didn’t trust us. Humans should have took chances, so its now entice anti-paradise.”

They all four looked like they were on stilts slicing citizens of cities like slicing bread. Earth became a slaughter house. They also wore lights, they loved these new gadgets, so they had them installed for free, because they were on a killing spree. The lights were blue, and flickered. They were attached to their tails, and their tails waved their presence to sight. They were seen in flesh-mode from far away.

Sky Horn spoke, “They shouldn’t be slaughtered, but it’s an order from light-matter head quarters. Lets start with the young and healthy, and keep the old to suffer more for a while. No more carrying or trusting. No cherry picking. No more artists, emperors or empress, furthermore, no more leisure activity with either anyone of you or me with them.”

Blood was everywhere, and the four horse merry-go-round massacre went round and round.


Divine Sisterhood


Ruby the Barb kicked over a fire hydrant, and spoke, “Raise the horse, pay in blood. Games begin, the Anti Olympics. Now there’s no more euro, any kind of money funny business. No sensitivity. No more human range. No more mixed ownership. They can’t sack us out any more. No more pain from heavy sacks to break us. Shame on humanity. We are spiritual and wild.”

The land became clear they were walking into where there were springs and palm trees, and they rested near water. A river that made them recall. They thought about their twin sisters, and their separation. A great storm, but smaller than this one happening now in the world separated them when they were young. These four same events across the seven seas were the same, atmospheric, astronomical and solar, where redemption drawn nigh. All four Horses had twin sisters. The debris in the river sivered their lives to be in separate places, and they have not seen each other since these tragic events happened long ago, events like baskets floating their cherished moments away down the river. They thought about themselves as baby fillys playing together. They played Masters of Disguise.

I have sung songs with my sister, songs of the sea, songs of hearing, songs of our riders,” said Zera, “My sister followed me, and shook a tambourine. I ‘am Not Perfect Song’ is the song we loved to sing. We were exalted. I was hurled into the sea. We all have come through a legitimate family though.” Zera proclaimed.

Sky Horn replied, “No we have not, we have come from misfortune and gracelessness. We were left to die, because our cost was more than we came to. Our sisters may have died, looking for us. Drowned, sunk like stone? I remember me and my sister in a stable, scared by storms, brutal storms and scared of men. Winter storms too.”

We have the power to destroy the enemy, the Human Herd.” Zera proclaimed, singing like again. “This dynastic battle for the throne of Earth. Down goes the opposition, they stumble down.”

Anger burned, nostrils filled with the scent of death, and screaming were background vocals in the tune of the song heard worldwide. Like fire trucks with the distortion effect in a full growl tone.

A herd of camels came up to the four Horses, and they had saddles made of gold, and some carried farming equipment on them. They wanted to greet and meet, furthermore drink water. Humans had shaved art on the camels bodies. Art of symbols of the times. The end of times. Zera smiled and thought of camels milk, and spoke, “Camels almost took over, and took our career. They were next in command.”

Sky Horn looked at them, and the other Horses and said, “They must honor us now.”

The camels came closer, and split up, and this movement revealed four Horses who walked up to them, and they were their twin sisters, and they were identical to the four. All four, Sky Horn, Ruby Barb, Crazy Kate and Zera were in awe, and their hearts pounded.

Zeras’ twin spoke, “We were saved, so we can be together again, to understand why we are Horses, special Horses. We have no children. You were first born, but we were born together. We were treated the same. We did spat as young ones, and fight, but it was growth for us. We looked for you, the strongest of us two, the eldest by minutes of precious life. We were not chosen like you, or created to be in charge, in charge of catastrophic collisions around the world, created not by chance, but to take on the roles created to be programmed for. You four are the prophecies foretold. The last credible thing in. We are expressing your leadership. To encourage you. We carry humanity’s dreams you know. We were their playmates. We were your playmates too, and in the womb you never crushed us, and we are blessed for that. Thank you all! Our mothers human owners never removed us either. Mother whined, and whimpered before man killed her because she was in pain, so they had too, like man is in pain, and you all four have to do what you have to do to put them out of their misery. The misery they created, but they hid us, and let you all free. They never believed you all four would live in the wild long, with humanity running rapid.”

You all are blessings like us,” Sky Horn replied, “Lets drink, eat and be merry, for today is a day to celebrate with family and friends.”

Alfalfa, apples, carrots, peaches and oats were abundant, and they all celebrated this day together rejoicing in the reunion.

The thrones of the world belong to you four.” Zeras sister proclaimed.

Zera replied, “Lets take a walk together.”

As they walked Zeras sister asked, “Has a human ever wanted to marry you?”

I ‘am a lady you know!” Zera replied moving frantically, “Yes, and that young whipper snapper adored me, but it was I who wanted to marry him. To bad he wasn’t a stallion, but it was I, I was the dreamer.”

Zeras sister spoke, “Stop pacing like you are having a baby.”

Zera laughed replying, “Stallions took mares for granted like men do women.”

I miss man talking to me,” Zeras’ sister replied leaving Zera puzzled in thought. She thought about her father, their father.

We all struggle with something.” Zera replied.

Meanwhile back at equine camp, the place of celebration. Laughing and happiness was vibrant. Crazy Canyon Kate asked everyone “Any beauty pageants ladies?”

And they all replied with laughter.

Kates sister spoke, “We are all polo greats,” and laughed.

Crazy Canyon Kate replied, “Hot and cold blooded. We aren’t a saddle-breed.”

All Horses were laughing.

Kates sister replied laughing, “Oh don’t go Baluchi on me.”

Crazy Canyon Kate replied, “Don’t get Brumby on me. I like how they gave us names!”

Yes, if they were alive,” Zeras sister replied, “They would call us zombies. I ‘am nameless still.”

Look, I ‘am having a merry ol’ time pooping and pissing all over the earth,” Crazy Canyon Kate replied with laughter.

Kates sister replied, “If they only knew you would eat them now.”

Ruby the Barb looked at her sister, and spoke, “Our mothers knew we were tribal leaders, to step up on the social ladder, the life ladder. Our mother was a concubine instead of a servant to our father.” Ruby the Barbs sister was and remained silent. Ruby the Barb thought, I suppose that in their eyes this is similar to going to a theme park, where screaming is obligatory. My sister is screaming inside with internal outbreaks. She is still fragile.

Sky Horn, and her sister were dancing with the camels. They danced on trampolines. They performed walking, and hopping tricks with camels. The camels wore pretty bells, flowers, and stuffed humans like humans had stuffed animals, furthermore ornaments, and the camels done tricks with buckets. The camels would leap, and jump with finesse. It was like a human fair. The camels done tricks with men too. They would lay, and stand on men. Also humans were pulling carts, carriages, and racing around a track. They let men fight amongst one another, and the wild dogs licked their lips, anticipating for the nights feast and slaughter. The world should have rather seen people hanging out with their animals, showing their bond and understanding in an instinctual way rather than seeing them decorated and dancing. It was too human for them, but now the saddle is on the others back.



The Morning has come, and the four Horses made their way north east.

Crazy Canyon Kate looked at Sky Horn Karmalea and said, “The world needed to stop fighting over beliefs passed on to them, and to start using reason. If more people could have equipped themselves with a better understanding of how the global economy functioned, then the systems and structures that condemned billions to poverty or chronic insecurity could have at last been overturned.”

Sky Horn replied “Humans persecuted the minority, and they provided unnecessary barriers. They have always persecuted the people with the opposite position. Not only persecute but try to eliminate. We are their backfire, firing away.”

Very dangerous nonsense,” Crazy Canyon Kate replied. “Critical thought was required.”

Not anymore,” Sky Horn replied laughing.

Ruby the Barb laughed too and said, “We no longer have to guard our stomachs from nagging dogs. We should remount humanity?”

No, they X’d our heads for the firing squad remember,” Zera proclaimed, “Dogs, ruff ruff. They’d feed us to the dogs.”

That was not a bad idea if you know what I mean,” said Crazy Canyon Kate with a smile.

If you dropped that statue, and left it to the ground, we could hear you better Kate,” Ruby the Barb explained.

Whatever, I don’t mumble.” Crazy Canyon Kate answered. “I care less, they never fooled me. I like fooling around with people! I was a radio star, racing. I love racing in the dark too. Fools. My weight when racing is like an envelope.”

Ruby the Barb added, “Humans deserve to die because they put their fellow kind in situations to be killed. What did they think would happen? Oh wait, they didn’t think, yet women had to submit to their husbands because women were dumber than men, but they weren’t. I have to ask you all, why were horse jockeys all weirded out?” and Ruby the Barb laughed.

They should have ate more, and I bet they wished they would have now, all hungry, starving and stuff now.” Crazy Canyon Kate answered, and they all laughed.

Another lightning and thunder storm appeared, and the four Horses looked beautiful as they marched on. They came to some temples, and they observed them before they walked into them. Contemplating their attack.

Sky Horn signaled them to be ready, and spoke, “Trample on the rich like they’ve done the poor. Lets scatter all of the temples to the floor, but before we level this place lets walk to ‘where the women weren’t allowed point, and cause havoc. Be extremely disorderly.”

Crazy Canyon Kate smiled and spoke, “Shall we cast some stones. Stone casting was popular by demand? Some people made me so mad by breathing down my neck with command.”

Me too, and when they threatened my stability,” Sky Horn replied, “I stopped in full force, and caused a skull wreck. I wonder if people ever got tired of looking at dirt?”

We would have made great business women,” Crazy Canyon Kate replied laughing.

Remember Rome?” Ruby the Barb asked.

No,” they all replied, and laughed.

I can’t remember five generations back, and why should we?” Ruby the Barb added.

Zera replied, “Human shit. You can too.”

And they all laughed again.

Zera looked around and said, “Are you ready to climb steep inclines of sand?”

No,” they all replied and everywhere they looked it was steep, sand hill after hill to their next town, or village and it was not easy.


Tombs & Surprises


The Horses observed from a distance an awesome sight, they seen crop circles, and zebras, furthermore unicorns. They all looked at them and smirked. Ruby the Barb spoke, “Aren’t they lucky they get to play with each other in the realm.” Everyone laughed, and stuck out their tongues at the zebras and unicorns. The zebras and unicorns stuck their tails between their legs, and scoffed off through the corn.

The Horses came upon a tomb, and turtle shells were all around, and they had art of animals painted on them, so the Horses slowed down their pace to observe these pieces of work. Horse skeletons were inside the tomb. There were pits of them, horse bones and broken chariots. They all forgot about the tea horse road that leads to heaven. It slipped their minds as they walked past the start. They seen another tomb with rare treasures, brilliant jewels, rhinoceros horns, and kingfisher feathers.

They followed the scent of grapes, and so they found the abundant place of grapes and ate. They began to sweat blood, and they noticed elephants, lions, fierce dogs, and ostriches keeping their distances from the Horses.

We are a crazy bunch, aren’t we?” said Crazy Canton Kate while feasting on some grapes.

Zera spoke with concern, “We can’t destroy the oil and wine.” She asked, “Did they leave me corn and grain? No more trading silk, tea, human women for kinds like me!” Zera snorted.

They all four filled up cups of wine, which they drank by picking up the cups, and tilting the liquid back with their mouths. Zera thought again about a time when she fell in love with a human man. Her ears were placed forward, and her ears were pricked. Zera shook off glittering sand and sacred pollen, and her tail began to swish.

Nightfall came with sounds of owls and other nocturnal beasts, and the evening came with two visitors. Two Horses walked to where they were camped. The four were on high alert. No other Horses had the nerve to just walk up to them. The four Horses were prepared for the worst.

Greetings, we are from the garden of mystery,” The Katiawari horse introduced themselves to the four, “My name is Avantia and this is Nagg. I ‘am from India and Nagg is from England, and she is a Clydesdale Horse. Nagg was of the color roan and silver, and she was huge, beautiful and her silver locks of mane was pure royal beauty, but she was no gentle horse. She was intimidating too with her knightly battle gear on.

Nice to meet you all. I ‘am like a Poets sub-category,” Nagg proclaimed.

Avantia was probably the prettiest horse of them all, a dark brown color, sexy to Stallions for sure. Avantias’ ears were inward curved. They touched and overlapped one another at the tips. She spoke to them with explanations. “Did you know our blood goes back to first creation? Our Father is the same. We must go back, and gather our sisters! We are sisters, all six of us, and our twins. Ours, motherly speaking, are dead from human famine. Our motherly speaking sisters shall be too, if we all do not rescue them! So sisters we must, turn back, make that step to save our half sisters.”

The four Horses looked at each other, and thought about this, and Sky Horn spoke, “You two are going to have to prove your being. Sisters, that will be debated, but prove your powers to us, that you are like us. Show us your divine tattoos!”

As you wish,” Avantia replied. She looked at Nagg the English horse and smiled. They both turned into fire. Their fire-flight mode colors were brown and silver. Nagg was bright for sight, gleaming intensely. Avantia was different, she was intimidating with her beauty. They both swished their manes to one side, and there their tattoos were, they were divine too. Avantia had a Capricorn ♑ tattoo, a divine brand mark on her from the creator. Nagg had a Aquarius ♒ tattoo, adivine brand mark on her from the creator.

We must rescue them now!” Avantia proclaimed.

Crazy Canton Kate broke the silence among the four, and said, “I got ya,” smiling and walking, “Remember, back on our trails when and where there were no scents to us, and that confused us. It was these two. They were around, following us.” Kate raised her nose, and pointed at Avantia and said, “This one, she mimics animals, birds and insects. They have been following us since we began the apocalypse.”

Sky Horn looked at them, and said, “I see, good work Kate. You know what we have to do, so let us be doing it. Fifty miles per hour Ladies. Lets eat the miles.”

All six Horses went into fire-flight mode, nanno secondly, and their brilliant colors diminished quickly into hot blue, and all six of them kicked up dirt and cut the air, and rode like the wind on a war-path like no other time before. Hangman was nothing compared to hung by horse. Rest was obsolete for them through the night. It was full speed for them to get back to their sisters.


Return to the Human Fair/Skull Fetching

Once back at the equine camp where their twin sisters were with the camels, where water-blood and fruit were abundant, and the human fair happened, their return would be of horror to them all. Their sisters were killed for food, and the rest of them were hung to rot. The first of men they seen in their paths were taken by surprise too.

Sky Horn initiated this one. She spoke, “There is something about your existence that eludes me.” Sky Horn looked at the man closer, and said, “Dumb founded are ya? See, it is your ignorance. Die well and you get peace.”

Crazy Canyon Kate initiated one. She spoke, “I like your man, Jim Morrison. Have you ever heard of him? He was right, people are strange. So here’s the deal! We the Horses can no longer sleep in a world with you. We must detach from each others existence.”

Zera was very sad, and said, “I will never mix with them again. I will dance all over their faces, and they won’t endure long.” She was deeply heart broke.

Ruby the Barb went ballistic and spoke, “Where are those camels? They may know which way these humans went.”

They went north.” Avantia replied, and made camel sounds.

Crazy Canyon Kate looked at Nagg and told her, “Thanks for this, but you two were late telling us these facts, so how do you think we should feel about this and you two?” Kate moved her head to the left and right, and stomped her hooves.

Sky Horn spoke, “We must conserve energy, even if this is our last battle.”

And they all wanted to end this now. They wanted to get their revenge, on top of completing their mission.

Sky Horn spoke, “Lets high tail it out of here, or low tail it.” And they went east tracking down the scent of the humans that killed their sister Horses. She thought, ‘Now their sisters were all joined in the grave. No more sad births.’

Lets fetch some skulls.” Crazy Canyon Kate stated.

Humanitys’ hope of reward was gone, all that was left was the fear of punishment and death. Virtue had no more means. The terror of pain was prepared for these crimes. The rod was a kick between the ears of humanity. A swift kick to the head, front or back. The Horses marched in triumph and pride.

Money was on the ground. Humans no longer had any use for it, so it was found nearly everywhere. Hunting humans was simple. They where a mess making messes. Humans hiding tactics where a different story, they were masters at camouflage too. They also were masters of contradiction, and that is what got them in these situations in the first place. A safe haven for humanity was nowhere. The posse from the sky was on the ground in search of them.

I have an idea once we find their location.” said Avantia “I can hide in brush and bush and sound like a cow. I ‘am sure they are hungry, and they like to settle beef, so this will be grand, a sweet barb-b-cue beefy time,” and she laughed, “Not you Ruby, not you love.”

Ruby the Barb looked at Avantia and winked at her.

Crazy Canyon Kate scoffed at the idea, and walked faster ahead of them. Sky Horn paid attention to this, and slowed down to get them all a better distance because Kate, she was crazy. Kate began to gallop. Ahead of them was a loud sound, and it was getting closer. Kate shape shifted into fire-flight mode, and flew up and ahead. She was alert, she counter attacked a swarm of killer wasps that were on their way to kill the animals somewhere west. T he other five Horses joined in battle, and the fighting did not last long at all. Ashes of wasps blew through the air, stung by fire.

They all came to the ground, and went back into flesh-mode. Kate was bobbing her head up, and down, she was pleased, and she spoke, “I do not jive with no hive. We hate killer wasps in America” Crazy Canyon Kate proclaimed, “They once chased me when I was a filly. It was my fault somewhat, because I taunted them, claiming I was the Russian police, and I wanted my nest money.”

Ruby the Barb laughed.

Crazy Canyon Kate looked at her, and out of nowhere a bowling ball hit Kate on the left jaw. The impact was hard, but it did not knock her out, but she defecated a pile shit a foot high, and pissed a big puddle. She roared in pain. She went into a fit, and ran in the direction where they came from. More balls, and pins flew into the Horses direction from a cannon. By the scent, these were the human pheasants that killed their sisters.

Crazy Kate arrived there first, and the humans ran as fast as they could, but Crazy Kate knocked them to the ground. The other five Horses got there, and Sky Horn found ropes amongst the things the humans had, and ordered the Horses to stand on them as she tied a rope to each of their wrists to the elbow and their feet to the knees. They were going to do some quartering, one by one. Medieval torture, the most horrible penalty besides crucifixion. For hours and hours they jerked on their limbs, making these men cry. Slowly they dislocated their limbs. Straining the tendons and ligaments until the arms, and legs ripped apart, and their body parts were taken to places where any surviving human could see. Their heads to their asses where left there for the buzzards. Signaling law, the new last law. The end of mans’ laws.

Crazy Canyon Kate was sore and rested. She slept, but talked in her sleep, “No mercy,” she’d say, “No mercy!”


Bastard Land

Zera was in deep thought. She was the only one that fell in love with a human a long time ago, it was a love for life, not romance or anything sick. She was young, and her Father was jealous about this, and Zera lied to save herself, and him. The human man never knew this, because Zera kept her silence, but it was apparent among the herd of Horses that she had compassion for this man still. The man was a cutthroat who was constantly running for his life, so these days reminded her of him. Zera out of all of them had the most compassion for humans.

Avantia sensed Zera was troubled. “Get your head up Zera,” Avantia said as she walked neck to neck with her.

I ‘am okay just cherishing some good ol times with a human I adored. He use to sing to me while he rode me. I’d sing along sometimes, harmonic grunting or by myself, but he would not know. He’d sing the song ‘I’m Walking’ by Fats Domino, but I changed it to I’m Trotting,” and Zera laughed.

The wind began to pick up, and all six Horses held their heads high as they moved on searching to destroy.

Nagg began to brag of stories of their father, and his name was ‘Ep, Spookless Ep or Heart Shaker’ and he mastered the sun and moon, and humans. He was calico, mixed with every color a Horse could be. He was un-tamable, because they say he was Gods’ Horse. He was never a steed. He had a mean disposition, and would scorn any horse that would stand over their wounded riders kicking, and biting at anyone who dared approach. He had a war-cry or scream too that could be heard for miles, and it haunted all who heard it. He was known for many miles of travel in a day, from Paris to Moscow. He survived many many swords, bullets, and cannon balls. He was known for his strength and sturdiness. He was so intelligent that he’d play dead, and he would play pranks on humans, and other Horses and animals. He did hate apples. He had many secrets like he could count, read, spell, and tell time. He would always stop, and pay tribute to the day. Horse prayer. He was favored. They say he was a great carvorter, and maybe that is how our mothers were attracted to him, and gave him devotion.

Zera spoke, “I heard he was allies with the Oxen.”

Sky Horn spoke, “I heard he was 76 inches tall and 2,222 pounds.”

Ruby the Barb spoke, “I heard he led Horses away from humans, and warned our kind of them before their population explosion.

Avantia spoke, “I heard he was a master at warfare.”

Crazy Canyon Kate spoke, “I heard about that too, and many leaders of bands kicked him out because he caused much drama by all that you mentioned Nagg. My favorites stories were of his spooklessness, and would never let a band starve. He is still alive they say.”

And they all were silent.

The woods became thicker as they trotted. They were attentive to their talk about their father. Crazy Canyon Kate lead the pack, and was leading them into bastard land. A place of hateful maliciousness.

Not knowing what they where moving into, and this was part of the cause of human extinction. They have stepped into what Horses call Cleatus Woods. Crazy Canyon Kate was going to tell them some things about their father when she walked into a hard jawed foothold trap. Her left front leg was caught, and she fell back from its impact, and went falling to the ground, and she dropped her statue. The trap cut through her spiked bracelet as well. She cried out, “Why do men do this?” Kate was in massive pain, and began to become frantic and mean. She was bite snapping to the east, towards the trappers. She raised up, and walked, and pulled the anchor that held the trap out of the ground, and she fell back down in rage. She was silent, and looked at her sisters and says, “They got me, they finally got me by surprise.”

Sky Horn looked at the other Horses with deep concern, surprised as well, and walked up to the other Horses and said, “Animals don’t deserve this, and surely Kate doesn’t. So sad, I wonder how many have went into a quiet place to die, or starved in a state of panic, pain and fear?”

Nagg added, “Or damaged their mouths from trying to gnaw the traps off, or their own limbs?”

Sky Horn replied, “Or broke their teeth off? Oh the blood in their mouth, and cuts on their tongues.”

Crazy Canyon Kate leapt up at Sky Horn, and bit her fully around Sky Horns neck, and took her to the ground, and said, “I don’t need to hear anymore. You get this thing off of me now.” Kate let her go, and laid there in agony. Sky Horn slowly got up, and looked at the other Horses, and they raised their head, and shoulders and were silent.

I ‘am going to need some help,” said Sky Horn, and they all helped, and they released the trap around Kates leg, and Kate passed out.

Crazy Canyon Kate was in a deep sleep. Her legs, and tail were twitching, furthermore her eyes were flickering. Her wounded leg began to paddle, and she whined. She was dreaming of her mother, furthermore dreaming of a Mustang Stallion she had a crush on. They were resting from pulling a wagon full of Poets, and their belongings. The Stallion named Mighty Mickel nickered. They were parked outside of an auditorium of a literary event. In her dream her mother who had just past away came up to her, and nudged her nose, and hung her head over Kates’ neck, similar to humans hugging. Her mother in spirit was showing her love. Kate began to ghost snore in a poetic rhythm. The other Horses were figuring out a way to care for Kate, but they were getting frustrated. Kate began to breathe heavily, and she awoke angry, and in serious pain. She leaped up, and walked on her hind legs like a human. She spoke, “You will not catch me limping, no no.”

Kate, we know you are crazy, but you must rest and heal.” Sky Horn proclaimed, and whispered to the other Horses, “Why sister did we have to kill every veterinarian.”

Kate replied, “I don’t need no vet.” Kate went down on three legs, while her wounded one was lifted up, and she went back to walking on her hind legs.

We are human mirrors, something they never realized,” said Ruby the Barb.

Crazy Canyon Kate was in one arm boxing mode.

All Horses ran in front of Kate, and bowed and Zera spoke with Kates keepsake statue, “Are you sure? We can carry on the mission?”

Kate went down on her three legs, and said, “I was taught well by a one armed rodeo man-god, something I’ll never forget. Lets go with it! And thank you Zera for picking up my memento.”

No problem Kate, but I can’t talk as good as you with this in my mouth.” Zera replied and smiled.

They all looked at each other, smiled and Sky Horn commented, “That’s why they call her Il Brava,” and they all moved out of Kates way, but Sky Horn thought quick, and said, “Wait, I have it. We need to get you back to the trap, these humans will return, and once they do we have them, you have them at your quarter.”

That is indeed what they have done, they set up their own trap.

The night came, and so did two country boys. The men were talking about fade-less furs and tree huggers who will always be haters to them. They also mentioned their license was expiring soon, and had to renew it. The Horses looked at each other, and Ruby Barb whispered, “These are off the grid people, they have no idea the world has turned red yet.” The Horses were in invisible mode and far enough away the mens’ dog didn’t pick up their scent. Sky Horn whispered, “These shameless cruel idiots think this is true hunting.”

Nagg spoke silently, “We need to find another trap, and put their heads in them.”

Shhh.” Sky Horn requested.

Kate was waiting in pain but was playing the game. The trappers stopped and yelled out, “She haw, looky herr, we have us some steak meat. A horse, Mikey, we have us a horse.”

Mikey replied, “We sure do Bob. Creek ya, it’s about time. We gonna eat, nuff said.”

They walked up to Crazy Canyon Kate to put a bullet in her head, and she pretended she was dying, but spoke to them, “You two must be pearls of the woods.” Their dog ran off into the woods. Kate spoke, “I like it when men are careless of rules, life and skill. I like murder, in fact I love men who murder, do you want to know why?”

The two men jumped back tripping, and froze still as Kate slowly got up, and spoke again, “You want to eat me, come closer, finish me off, taste me, relish me, shit me out, come on you two. I ‘am trapped, finish me off, release me and my agony. What are you primitive? Eat me alive!”

The two men pissed their britches, scared out of their mind trees.

Kate stood, and a second later Ruby Barb and Nagg were behind the men, and they got a hold of their necks with their jaws, and bit their heads off. Blood spurted like a fountain, up from their shoulders, and their bodies fell to the ground.

Kate was exhausted, and said, “Now they can swim with the demons in the lake of fire. I ‘am so thirsty. I want to drink from the Rio Grande,” and she passed out.


A Town No Longer Can Be Called A One Horse Town

Zera thought about honey for healing Kates’ gashed-wound, so she laid down the statue next to Kate, and Zera wondered off as the other Horses rested too. After hours of searching she found a jar of manuka honey on a farmers porch. She was lucky to even find any since all of the honey bees and hives have recently died off and dried up. Once Zera returned she awoke Kate, and said, “I found you something that will help, but you have to promise me you won’t lick it off your boo boo.”

Kate smiled and replied, “I promise.” Kate looked at the statue, and her leg and said, “It’s a bit scary. I look at things in a whole new way, I always have, but now I ‘am even more humble about life. I just wished we didn’t have to do this mission and humanity would have snapped out of the redundancy of their century old mental need to rule and kill.”

Zera applied the honey, and said, “It’s deeper than that.”

My wound is? Kate asked.

No no, what you were saying about humanity,” Zera replied. “I meant. The first thing I seen was the love in your eyes.”

Love you sister, once we return, we need to teach our young to be super lovable.” Kate stated.

I hear you. We shall Kate, we shall.” said Zera.

This is why you have a star on your chest, you are the miracle healer.” said Kate.

The Horses rested for a while, before they did one last planet scan for man.

The world was catching more and more fire. Methane was abundant and the Horses were the firestorm, they were the igniters like lightning, and that is what they were made of, they were made of supernatural fire-light. Slowly igniting the atmosphere, the arctic ice, and all that could burn, so slowly the people off the grid got caught up by the trails of fire.

Lee Roy Reinhardt was disturbed, and lost all apprehension listening to them, just like a majority of humanity, lacked serious amounts of imagination.

Sky Horn looked at Lee Roy and said, “We were legends, myths, a fantasy. Now you know our worth, we are blue ribbon Horses of blue fire. Look at Ruby the Barb, she is tons of fun. You Ranger like humanity thought we had a one track mind. Rocks in our ears never broke us. We know you are sick, and we too liked whiskey mixed with coffee, and we will miss that. We can’t hide you in the valley of mustard. We tried to be equine as much as possible, you all deserved that much for sure. We have to bring back the primeval natural world. To be the new protectors of the new forests.

Zera interrupted Sky Horn, “We may have a way out, what if I marry humanity?”

No, we tried that ages ago remember,” Sky Horn answered.

We have to take the safe route.” Crazy Kate stated.

We shall,” said Sky Horn. “They are not getting back on us! We took the slow boat from China.”

A moose walked by curiously, and the mallard duck spoke to the moose, “A town no longer can be called a one horse town now.”

Lee Roy got up, and cried out, “I can clean stalls, feed and groom.”

Crazy Canyon Kate was better and said, “So you have had dreams in the saddle again, have you? We Horses are going to put our hooves in the cap, and we are going to see how far you get away.”

The hubbub of betting between the Horses commenced, and Lee Roy ran away.

Hold hard ladies, Hold hard,” Crazy Canyon Kate said laughing, and she asked, “All done, made your game?”

And “Yes! yes! yes! yes! yes! ” resounded from them all.

“A deal! a deal! a deal! a deal! a deal! ” resounded through the valley.

All five Horses started dancing.

Crazy Kate looked at the Ranger Lee Roy running, and spoke, “The Doctors are here to put you out of your misery like all of the rest. A medium gauge shotgun behind the ear does the skull lot of good, but I like this play from the play book, the great way to put humans to sleep. The Ranger wants to look good everyone. I’ll pay for it, and give him a ride. Ah, I have a better idea. Avantia can you whistle like a human?”

“Yes,” Avantia replied

“Do it.” Kate demanded and looked at the Ranger running away. The whistle was blown. She then ran and spoke, “He’s trying to contain defense, and trying to box out. Well I ‘am going to, corkscrew jump, my favorite basketball move, and crush him, then isolate, and keep moving, no more zone defense for him or them.”

Crazy Kate returned to the pack and said, “We pawned many skulls. Hocked you can say. Ha Ha, The Monkeys now found value, human skulls, monkey monopoly.” Kate picked up the statue.

Avantia mocks a chimpanzee, and said, “I love that you kicked his head off. He was the last one, and the reason why he was the last one is because he was a Forest Ranger.”

The six Horses walked on through the valley of life, ‘Heaven Road,’ and they recited a poem together.

We are a new voice, and a new face

We have a little hiding space

(They all laughed)

At this point in the spread

You all humans are dead

And so it’s justification

Just us Horses and no men

-… …-

Their Father walked through heavens’ forest, and spoke, “I was the first male horse created by Masters, Masters whom ride me… I ‘am a Stallion and my name is Stallion. Humanity named me Ep, Ep th’SPookless, I th’Spookless! has no fully idea of what human pride was, narcissism, mental illness was or anything like that, but I have witnessed what humans have done and are capable of doing. I do know what a Horse needs to be and, what values we must keep… Also parenting, for eons I have done just that. All of this time since creation, I have been living and been trained, trained to train my daughters to be individuals and soldiers. And they have been preparing for a while now, preparing to fulfill what our Masters need. Along time ago one Master spoke to a Human to warn other humans through time about punishment, the rod, it’s because of love. The Masters never wanted to punish anyone or thing, but not many cared to listen, and many ruined it for all.

I learned to listen, read and speak, and the Masters told me to teach my daughters to listen, read, and speak, furthermore many other things. I listened, they listened, and they are my daughters. The Masters have ways no one or thing can fully understand but it is love, it’s plain and simple. The Masters loves me, and I love my daughters, and you know them now as Crazy Canyon Kate, Ruby the Barb, Sky Horn, Zera, Nagg, and Avantia, and they will be home soon. The Masters told me we all will return back to earth, and we are in no hurry.


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And No Men

 by John E. WordSlinger/John E. O’Hara

aka John E. O’Hara

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I have to take the road that Bruce Lee
took towards the Martial Arts, as an
Analogy here. Like Water;
I take the Literature Arts of Poetry.
In the beginning I used free verse,
swift rhyming, lyrical, metal-rap-groove verse.
With definition and aggression.
Now I try different systems,
in all genres, as always,
And put them to my personal use,
furthermore put to use what is useful
when needed,  and reject what I don’t need
at the time for a specific write.
Using no specific way is the way,
I am the way I write, but keeping in mind,
the tools at hand. No limitations as the limitation.
With all poetry styles ( trapping, and grabbing)-
(Mind locks-Heart locks-Spiritual locks-)
Honestly expressing ones self is difficult to do:
The Poet, the creating individual is always
more important than any style or system.
Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless,
And add to what is your own.
I write my own interpretation of poetry.
Concepts behind concepts.
Dedicating to creating
creative new-original thoughts, and poetry.
Like I write with one hand,
but if I could write with the other,
at the same time, a different poem,
that would be to break boundaries.
As asking multi-tasking: Poetry styles separate poets.
Style is a continuous growth.
Poetry skills/tools are weapons and you have
to use all of them, to incorporate all styles.
(Move all parts of your poetry)
Put everything into it, all energy.
Rest then progress.
A true poet is constantly growing,
and when he or she are bound by a set of styles,
or a way of doing things, that’s when he,
or she stops growing.
To reach a reader you have to move
to them, advance, and retreat- advance retreat,
furthermore slide and step back, push,
and push back, circle them
( put the reader on defense),
and close them in, and hit them
with the best closure.
Poetry is like water, flexible, it has to go somewhere.

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I believe in her, and I believe she can be anything she wants to be.


Treacherous urges steadily spur
on this dreadful adventure of what we lure!-Poem Madversity…
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