SAM a Screenplay by John E. WordSlinger


a screenplay (6th) by John E. O’Hara aka John E. WordSlinger

edited by Munia Khan & Kimberly Wagner

ISBN-13: 978-1981214488

ISBN-10: 1981214488

SAM © 2017

by John E. WordSlinger/John E. O’Hara

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Dedicated to my Mother, Grandparents, and every Dog I got to share some life with.

I want to thank the pre-reading squad, Charles H. Gragg, Olan L. Smith, Munia Khan, Eilie Brown aka Yotanka, Donald Cenker, and Kimberly Wagner.

4 Responses to “SAM a Screenplay by John E. WordSlinger”

  1. John, I was truly impressed with your work here. You have come so far as a writer and storyteller. This tale was a spellbinding journey with an ending to match.

Thank you, much appreciated, WS

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