PoetryTrian.com was established by John E. WordSlinger on January 7th, 2011. He created the Poem theater for a Poetry website, and was about to use the same principles to promote poets and poetry nearly about the same way John has been doing for the last 3 years. John has been keen on the times, and knows what importance the Railroad transportation was and is to humanity. The website he loved turned out to never ever communicate with it’s nearly 40,000 plus members, and abandon them, and furthermore never come to their agreements on publishing the Poets on the site. Most of the story has been written about in his book ‘Poetry Train America,’ and is to long to post here. All in all John E. knows what it is like to be shafted in the Poetry world and the Music business. PoetryTrain.com is a ‘legal’ website based in Princeton, IL. U.S.A. & a Poetry site that cares. PoetryTrain.com is a site that promotes Poetry and Railroad History, furthermore the new High-Speed Rail History..

Conductor: John E. O’Hara aka John E. WordSlinger

-promoting & log rolling

Firemen: Dominic Albanese

– chipn’ in, shoveln’ some coal, chopn’ some wood, & keepn’ the engine runnin. keeping things & these guys & gals in order, and reporting back to Mr. Welchberry.

Gandy Dancers
(Creators & Artists for books and &c for hire)

Selena Howard

-art for book covers / poetry

Cody T. O’Hara

-art for book covers

Michael G. Stone

-book- covers/ editing / formatting / kindle formatting/ proof reading for everything, legal and non (blogs, websites, etc.) photography / video recording / audio recording / lyric writing, short stories, poetry, fiction and non fiction

Poetry for the Sight Impaired Division:
Coming Soon

Poetry Train
444 S. Church St #220
Princeton, IL 61356
Phone number 815-915-8332

Bmi.com Repertoire#
CAE/IPI #: 682938498

Special Links:

Library of Congress

The Poets Briefcase

Poetry Train is a member of

American Dialect Society

American Historical Association

Organization of American Historians


The Harry Fox Agency

and an at-large member of:

National Railway Historical Society


Internet Scout

Coming Soon a member of


Mission Statement:
Our mission is to create a site (known to be legal, meaning a site with a face and faces, not avatars and only names, a site with a voice) a site registered as legal, with a legal address & phone #) in America there are 800 plus sites for poetry. 247 that offer a link back, a book, to $100.000.00 contract, but only 8 of them have a address and a phone number. We want the site to be educational in poetry, history, and education on copyrights, publishing and &c, because most are clueless and scared. (There is a Poets Briefcase with all that is modern and past ways to protect your work)

There has been to many sites like poets.com when it was open that screwed the poets in the late 90’s and this site was bought by lulu.com. Other sites have claimed to publish a book from its members, but have not followed through with their claims, and these sites still have this bs floating on the net. They are tainting Poetry making it look bad, so Why cant they follow through what they say… The main thing is this… We want a site where people are comfortable and can learn from in all aspects of life, the poetry life world. We mainly cut a path, with a true foundation, that has fought for the youth poets, the future of poetry… Because we don’t want the same ol shit going on and repeating itself. We don’t want to be Ghosts. We want to be a site with faces and responsibility for the youth. A home for us… go getters, finally making things real. We live now in time where we can truly create goodness for all, if they apply themselves, and their work can be protected if they follow the path… The book ‘Poetry Train America’ explains more of this in detail…

The Poets Briefcase

Terms and Conditions

Thank you, much appreciated, WS

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