Poetry Train Africa: Ethiopia Books 1 Through 8

Poets of Poetry Train Africa: Ethiopia
inspired by Poets and Poetry from Africa and Railroad History of Africa. written by John E WordSlinger edited by Munia Khan

Poetry Train Africa is the third book series to make up the Poetry Train Trilogy: A colorful combination of storytelling, poets, poetry, and railways. 3 men who travel Africa in the year of 2015 and &c

Poetry Train Africa: Ethiopia = Redd Regatta, Andy Sandihands & Scratch with Boet Duve Fritz, Mathias, Mr. Welchberry & Charlie, Swanda, Mr. Walklemon Whipagla, Axel F, Mak, Mary Lesmore, Cosmu, Katsi, Miki Kalati, Staffriders – “Lucky, Dino, and Crisis.” The Phantom, Chief Mattoa, Sheriff Wolfgang Nyoka and many more Poets and RxR’ers. Furthermore Animals & Ghosts… And yes Danger, Doom and Dreads sister.


BOOK 1 Cape Town South Africa

BOOK 2 South Africa & Botswana

BOOK 3 Botswana

BOOK 4 Zimbabwe

BOOK 5 Lesotho

BOOK 6 Swaziland

BOOK 7 Mozambique

BOOK 8 Madagascar


BOOK 9 Tanzania


Thank you, much appreciated, WS

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