The Slingtionarious Wictionary

The Slingtionarious Wictionary by John E. WordSlinger
Narrated by Hank Beukema
*AVAILABLE on the 23rd of February
at & soon
71 poems with a Dictionary of Designed Words by
John E. WordSlinger
Hardcore (Explicit), Erotica, Dark & Light Poetry
 a poem entitled “Siamese Nightja-Wu with Poet Malik Petterson
an epic poem entitled “The Valorous Vacel and Valine with Poet Kimberly Hillard.

Introduction by Dana-zoe Gest, and book trailer narration by Hank Beukema.

Designed Words aka Word Sketches:
Abye Ankylosis Astromic Bankawnook Beautifire Beknownst Benesis Blooderm Boomzismiles Brigadia Churchild Classindo Cliterature Coincidance Combinatorics Crail Crool Deathamatics Dight Dreeft Dumbonic Embracer Enterbrainment Eroticopter Evenire Failor Fainely Funderize Gemuine Giantess Heartillery Hydrastitute Imaginator Immerge Initiatest Jile Kinglish Ledbetter Livocet Logophobian Lovemount Madiator Madvesrity Majikal Messiahet Moonpalachia Nathless Nightja-Wu Nostriligia Nowasaki Nucleansia Omegabet Ourinds Palagarlove Pananche Penoem Photosyhthesiszer Prodigic Proverbia Respiritualization Ridiculust Ridotto Simmigration Sinegry Sineral Slango Slingtionarious Smellivision Snaptix Soulology Sphear Sphinxter Sporadical Spright Starithmetic Stoure Strime Thinkery Timenized Timeous Traumaturge Tribunia Trilieus Turboa Twacked Valorize Verbia Voyag Vriller Wanxiety Wexcitements Witcheroo Womanorsexic Wonderments Wordiper Worditage Wordo Wordschester Wormitage Wrathlete Wypnotism Zabracazebra ƒLø
Sky Warrior, Lovemount, Super Corn, Benesis & th’Temple of Words, F’ck th’Keyhole K’ck Open th’Door, Clap Your Hands Cleopatra,  ‘etc’ Alburitel & th’Anti-Poets, Sporadical InSider, Premonitious and Them, Fainely Due to You, Fast Dream- L.I.P. & R.I.P., Th’Fire Within Fire, Trioedd y’d Majixx (Jolly Black), Someone Wrote Surrender WordSlinger Across Th’Sky, proverbia, Apprenticeship In Love, Thou Worms of WordSlinger, Deathamatics in Counterfeit Life, Time Travel Drinking Water, Spido Pissing, ƒLø Voyag?, Sphinxter Siphon Philter, Pleasure Brigade, Wanxiety, Slingtionarious Pocket Docket I, Beautifire, V. Churchild, Helliette and the Zabracazebra, John E. WordSlinger, Less Than Something-More Than Nothing, Sphear of God,  Harbinger of Selection, Beknownst, Wormitage, Thinkery, Bobby and Smart Alex, Siamese Nightja-Wu, Dreeft, Livocet, Madversity, Wonderments, The Higher Stopped to Love, Mr. Ledbetter, Air-Lords and Tenants of Vanished Lore, Witcheroo, Snaptix, Astral Eyes, Starithmetic, Boomzismiles, Eco-It Man, The Vrillian Vriller, Raised Profile, Logophobian, Palagarlove, Blithesome, Tonal Paint, Soulology, Trilieus, Arsenal of Verbia, Psalms in Calm Palms, What Remains Next, Photosynthesiszer, Moonpalachia, The Madiator in HD/the Messiahet Writer, Face the Poetry, The Garage of Erotic Stanzas, Beautifiery Star, The Definition Slinger, Ridotto- Poetry By Another Name, and The Valorous Vachel and Valine…

This is a book of words designed with definitions by the Poet, John E. WordSlinger. He established himself as a Poet on the 15th of October of the year 1987, and has written music, poetry, historical fiction, legal bills, and screenplays, furthermore words. Readers of John gave him the name WordSlinger, and called his new words, Slingtionarious. John calls all of his literary work, Nudged Sketches of Flighty Things: Bonus Poems with these designed words will be in the back of the book.


Thank you, much appreciated, WS

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