Th’Paxsters (Screenplay by John E. WordSlinger)

Synopsis: Action/Sci Fa/Romance, A story of two country ladies who figure out how to bring the world to true order. They used Mother Nature and the internet since it began to accomplish their goals, but their goals were not just theirs, they were a majority, and majority rules. They also go on the hunt for Jesse James gold, to pay for many debts. Their team is world wide, and they make the Hermitage, the Home of Andrew Jackson, the new Capital of the World. They bring world peace to the world, and solve world hunger, furthermore putting abortion to a halt!


a screenplay

by John E. WordSlinger

(aka th’kissers of peace/Peace Kissers)

ya ya the C inside the Circle John E. WordSlinger
(e-mosquito free inside the Poet Igloo)

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Thank you, much appreciated, WS

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