John poetry is a non commercial genre.
If you want, Let’s develop a comedy show.
The world train series allows to commentate on the global events….

If it’s poetry the way it is… Quicksand!

You will drive a jaguar from the comedy series.
Once it’s comedy… Million dollars will follow.

The words Poetry Train would be hailed as an invention…
You even don’t need to be funny. Even a cam recorder can do it.

John in that case, we kind of abandon the poetry route.
The Andy, Redd, And Boet can stay, but if it’s focusing on poetry per se…
Then it’s a dead end!
So which route are we talking
With comic scripts, you won’t go for Hollywood
It will come for you!

It’s going to get off as so big a show that you will fight to keep people out
Conceive everything, start with the comic scripts
Reorient yourself

Funding is not…
Talent is. Sweating is.
Self belief is
A cam recorder is enough

And see how to introduce yourself…
With a funny accent? Johnny Italiano? Mexicano?
Senor John I? etc?
With some hot social satire and jokes,
you can even enter politics at a later stage
Just work on the idea and get the set done
Fuck the investors, cam recorders are enough
You are the producer please,,,
It’s time for flying, protect your wings…

Okay my dear producer 🙂
I wish it appears moving….
A rickety bus can do
In between, anything to distract audiences can do…
Let it look like Austin powers
… With those animations
Don’t look for expertise…
Experts will suck life off every thing.
Spontaneous improvisation

The actors could need like 10 others sitting in the back ground.

Get the script idea to be shot… And we see.
I need to see what to add.
How do we simulate a bus to look like a train?

Head scout the core John, long time projects stall with personality crashes…!

The idea is being able to rehearse, and let it be the group you can dominate
That’s the most important.

The right team will come along, your train concept is solid.
Keep fishing, throw those back to the sea if they aren’t worth it…



Poetry Train America

Poetry Train Canada

U.S.A. & Canada Stories Edition

Poetry Train Africa

Screen & Television Writing/Directing Etc &c Playlist

Acting Wisdom Playlist



Zimbabwe’s Cinematic Arts: Language, Power, Identity
by Katrina Daly Thompson

Film Essays and Criticism By Rudolf Arnheim

Film as Art by Rudolf Arnheim

Naked Lens By Jack Sargeant

The Technique of Film and Video Editing: History, Theory, and Practice
By Ken Dancyger

A Critical Cinema 2: Interviews with Independent Filmmakers
By Scott MacDonald

Between the Black Box and the White Cube: Expanded Cinema and Postwar Art
By Andrew V. Uroskie

Avant-Garde Film: Motion Studies
By Scott MacDonald

The Avant-Garde Feature Film: A Critical History
By William E.B. Verrone

Screen Writings: Texts and Scripts from Independent Films
edited by Scott MacDonald

Adventures in the Screen Trade By William Goldman

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Screenwriting by Skip Press

The Sacred Wood and Major Early Essays By T. S. Eliot

The Screenwriter’s Problem Solver: How to Recognize, Identify, and Define …
By Syd Field

Screenwriting: Creative Labor and Professional Practice
by Bridget Conor

In the Mind’s Eye: Julian Hochberg on the Perception of Pictures, Films, and the World
by Mary A. Peterson, Barbara Gillam, H. A. Sedgwick

The Art of Nonfiction Movie Making
by Jeffrey Friedman, Rob Epstein, Sharon Wood

Rudolf Arnheim “Art Today and the Film” (1966)
Rudolf Arnheim “Who Is the Author of a Film?” (1958)
Francois and André Berge “An Interview with Blaise Cendrars on the Cinema” (1976)
Luis Buñuel “A Statement” (1960)
Guy L. Coté “Interview with Robert Breer” (1962/63)
Selections from FILM CULTURE Magazine (1955-1996)
Jerome Hill “Brakhage and Rilke” (1965)
Jerome Hill and Guy Davenport “Stan Brakhage and His Songs” (1966)
Ken Kelman “Film As Poetry” (1973)
Richard Leacock “For an Uncontrolled Cinema” (1961)
Charles Levine “Interview with Robert Breer” (1973)
Willard Maas “Poetry and the Film: A Symposium” (1963)
Scott MacDonald “Screen Writings” (1985) [13.4mb, PDF]
Scott MacDonald “Introduction to “Avant-Garde Film”
Colin Marshall’s Ubuweb Experimental Video Project
Taylor Mead “The Movies Are A Revolution” (1963)
Martha Merrill “Black Panthers in the New Wave” (1972)
Walter S. Michel “In Memoriam Of Dimitri Kirsanov, A Neglected Master” (1957)
Toby Mussman “Early Surrealist Expression in the Film” (1966)
Yvonne Rainer – Screenplay for “Film About A Woman Who…” October, Vol. 2 (Summer 1976) [PDF, 3mb)
Yvonne Rainer – Screenplay for “Journeys from Berlin/1971” October, Vol. 9 (Summer 1979) [PDF, 1mb)
Yvonne Rainer – A Letter from Yvonne Rainer October, Vol. 10 (Autumn 1979) [PDF, 2mb)
Carrie Lambert – “Moving Still: Mediating Yvonne Rainer’s ‘Trio A'” October, Vol. 89 (Summer 1999) [PDF, 1mb)
Ron Rice “Dazendada Works” (1965)
Ron Rice “Foundation for the Invention and Creation of Absurd Movies” [PDF]
Alan Schneider “On Directing Samuel Beckett’s Film”
Mark Segal “Hollis Frampton/”Zorns Lemma” (1971)
Paul Sharits’s Flickerfilms: A Concrete Experience of Nothing [William H. Smith, ES 55/56 SPRING/AUTUMN 2009] [PDF]
Michael Snow “Notes on Rameau’s Nephew”, October, Vol. 4 (Autumn, 1977), pp. 43-57; PDF, 2.6mb
Gregory Springer “New Improved George Landow Interview” (1976)
Donald Sutherland “A Note on Stan Brakhage” (1962)
Parker Tyler “Stan Brakhage” (1958)
Parker Tyler “Declamation on Film” (1961)
Andy Warhol in Conversation with Peter Gidal (1982) [PDF, 20kb]
WFUV Radio Symposium “On the Nature and Function of the Experimental (Poetic) Film” (1957)
Gene Youngblood “Expanded Cinema”, 1970, [PDF]

translated by S. H. BUTCHER

Willard Maas “Poetry and the Film: A Symposium” (1963)

Scott MacDonald “Screen Writings” (1985) [13.4mb, PDF]

Scott MacDonald “Introduction to “Avant-Garde Film”







  1. It is so informative. I had nearly forgotten Stanislavski.

  2. Yes, I’ll search Poetry E Train. Stay safe.

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