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is a poet with 4 wheel drive, so lets go for a ride…..
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My Internet Writing Life Motto is-
My internet writing life motto is-
Keep it poetry and poetry shall keep you.
Short Bio Hazard:

I have to take the road that Bruce Lee
took towards the Martial Arts, as an
analog “Like water”.
I take the Literature Arts of Poetry.
In the beginning I used free verse,
swift rhyming, lyrical, metal-rap-groove verse
with definition and aggression.
Now, I try different systems,
in all genres, as always,
and put them to my personal use.
Furthermore, put to use what is useful
when needed, and reject what I don’t need
at the time for a specific write.
Using no specific way, is the way,
I am the way I write, but keeping in mind,
the tools at hand. No limitations as the limitation.
With all poetry styles ( trapping, and grabbing)-
(mind locks-heart locks-spiritual locks-)
Honestly expressing oneself is difficult to do:
The poet, the creating individual is always
more important than any style or system.
Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless,
and add to what is your own.
I write my own interpretation of poetry.
Concepts behind concepts.
Dedicating to creating
creative new-original thoughts, and poetry.
I write with one hand,
but if I could write with the other,
at the same time, a different poem,
that would be to break boundaries.
As asking multi-tasking: Poetry styles separate poets.
Style is a continuous growth.
Poetry skills/tools are weapons and you have
to use all of them, to incorporate all styles.
(Move all parts of your poetry)
Put everything into it, all energy.
Rest then progress.
A true poet is constantly growing,
and when he or she are bound by a set of styles,
or a way of doing things, that’s when he,
or she stops growing.
To reach a reader you have to move
to them, advance, and retreat- advance retreat,
furthermore slide and step back, push,
and push back, circle them
( put the reader on defense),
and close them in, and hit them
with the best closure.
Poetry is like water, flexible, it has to go somewhere..

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 I  love making  love to the alphabet.

I believe in her, and I believe she can be anything she wants to be.


Treacherous urges steadily spur
on this dreadful adventure of what we lure!-Poem Madversity…
In the Poets’ hood keep the Poets’ eye-
For a good Poet shall never die! Poets of Blood &c &c

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THE ASYLUM COOK & THE WEATHER WOMAN screenplay by John E. WordSlinger #9

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A young couple, the man works as a cook at an asylum, and his wife goes to school to be a weather lady… Both have the perfect careers: The weather person gets paid the same if they are wrong or right. The world seems crazy so feeding them well, you do the observation… The weather and the insane are somewhat similar; they drool, snarl, and cry. Sunshine well that’s when times are fine, or are they?

I am Brindley and this be Laurie and we are the Boggs. I fight Mental Illness Stigma, and She fights for Solutions on Climate Change…

Front Cover by Guilherme Gomes
Back Photo Portrait by Olan L. Smith


John E Wordslinger’s The Asylum Cook And the Weather Woman is an outstanding screenplay, giving an equal depth of life to all characters including the central characters, Brindley & Laurie : a young couple who represents the struggling beings of modern days. The variety of thoughts here is eclectic. This book allegorically shows how life is the weather itself and how we don’t need to be at an insane asylum to become crazy by walking over the thin thread of our sanity, just a windy storm of everyday life is enough… Here, the life of Laurie with her tears of joy wishing to hold her baby daughter brings ‘Faith’ of living in hope to all of us. Author Wordslinger’s wonderful depiction truthfully presents us that there is darkness all around us, but there is also an exit made of light to escape the dark. Indeed the moment of illumination in the end invites the audience to stay positive in any kind of social approach in today’s world. _Munia Khan


Olan L. Smith aka Cotton Jones Poet & Artist, Poetry Train America

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Book Cover Art by Selena Howard & Edited by Charles H. Gragg

Olan L. Smith updated his cover photo.
September 15 at 4:39 PM

Poet/writer, John E OHara
Artist: Olan Smith
Medium: Acrylic
Canvas: 11×14 in.
September 15th 2019

Art Source:https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10217791472732457
What can I say about John E Ohara’s (aka John E Wordslinger) metaphorical book, “Poetry Train America,” and all in this series of books, but wow! I was with him in 2008/9, online, when the idea was born, and even then I thought, “This is an ambitious project,” a project to bring modern day poets together, online, and printed book form, “Poetry Train America” and now “Poetry Train Canada”, and “Poetry Train Africa.” Too many poets find themselves toiling in obscurity, and in the darkness. With his first adventure in seeking out these poets, John traveled, virtually, from state-to-state seeking out these poets, gathering them together in to his “train” and giving them a free ride into the world of his intellect. Many people couldn’t grasp the idea, the metaphor, or John’s desire to give this train wheels, wheels into the future, and it seems it has become his life’s ambition to record all the living poets on this globe he finds worthy of a ticket. The idea that once in print he is giving them immortality. I own this book and it is proudly displayed on my coffee table! I’m not saying this because I’m one of those Missouri poets he chose, I’m saying this, because I believe in the genius that is John E O’Hara’s dream, to record the poets of the living world and give them recognition, giving them flight into immortality.
Olan L. Smith,
Missouri poet and artist,
September 18, 2019


Olan L. Smith Poem Videos on the Poetry Train:

EXECUTION DOCK a Screenplay by John E. WordSlinger

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“EXECUTION DOCK by John E. WordSlinger is an arresting screenplay, very poetically written, which requires an audience to make moral judgments. The scenes in the story will remind us of a mixed theatricality of Shakespearean and Roman tragedy. Here the ambiguity of today’s world takes a psychological approach to the readers through the truthful reactions of characters. In this book, harrowing pictures of the dagger of darkness run through pages with rhythmic metaphorical movement; and Devil, Priest, Serpents, Dwarfs, Mermaids, Giants, Judge, Snails, Soldier, Knight, Bones and Humans all gather to create sequence of thoughtful events that leads us to an obvious answer where only interpretation from an honest heart belongs. The author’s poetical expertise emphasizes on our social diseases based on political, racial and theological eczema. Does devil win or is it the innocence of our souls: the ultimate winner? Inside our mind this amazing book will disinter it all.” _Munia Khan…