EXECUTION DOCK a Screenplay by John E. WordSlinger

“EXECUTION DOCK by John E. WordSlinger is an arresting screenplay, very poetically written, which requires an audience to make moral judgments. The scenes in the story will remind us of a mixed theatricality of Shakespearean and Roman tragedy. Here the ambiguity of today’s world takes a psychological approach to the readers through the truthful reactions of characters. In this book, harrowing pictures of the dagger of darkness run through pages with rhythmic metaphorical movement; and Devil, Priest, Serpents, Dwarfs, Mermaids, Giants, Judge, Snails, Soldier, Knight, Bones and Humans all gather to create sequence of thoughtful events that leads us to an obvious answer where only interpretation from an honest heart belongs. The author’s poetical expertise emphasizes on our social diseases based on political, racial and theological eczema. Does devil win or is it the innocence of our souls: the ultimate winner? Inside our mind this amazing book will disinter it all.” _Munia Khan…



Thank you, much appreciated, WS

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