Poetry Train Canada

Poetry Train Canada
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Ladies & Gentlemen: All Aboard_Poetry Train Canada will be available tomorrow the 15th of October, in honor of the day I started writing in 1987. Poetry Train Canada is the sequel to Poetry Train America, historical fiction. A colorful combination of storytelling presenting Canadian Poetry & Poets, Railroaders and Canadian Railroad History. 2 men Red & Andy who travel Canada in the years of 2012-13-14-and 2015… To write a written documentary on Poets and the Railroad in our times… When they sleep they get taken back in time to the 19th Century, when the roads were built, and they have such great experiences, and meet key Poets, and figures… Upon waking they have conversations about Poets from the 20th Century, and RxR events… Then it goes into their written documentary on Poetry and Poets there now… Main Characters Andy and Red and Train Marshal Charlie, Alphonso G. Newcomer, Mr. Welchberry, Seth Woods, Yip Sang, Drew Mi’kmag, Sherbrooke, Scratch, Desirae E. Dibbins, Patrick O’Hara, Jimmy New Orleans, and the one and only Joseph Story.

Introduction By George Thompson aka Geo
Out of the dark and into the light at the end of the tunnel, John E Wordslinger, as in Poetry Train America, continues his creative process, with a poetic and historical journey across Canada. From sea to sea to sea, his main characters Red and Andy, whilst traversing this great nation, once again meet poets, board trains and recant their stories and adventures. Historical figures (politicians, engineers, workers) and the impact are once again brought to life.

John creates a sense of poetic wonder by touching each Province and Territory and their resident poets. Finding poets and their works creates a sense of wonder at the wealth of words and themes inherent within each piece. Red and Andy continue to weave their stories and provide humorous interludes and the many sacrifices made, as we learn of the railways and their part in building this great nation. Dreams and realities of what once was and will be are the order of the day. Moving into the present the author focuses on the Poet Igloo Bill, for both Canada and the U.S.A., and the need to link all Poets and their Poetry in unity.

With this book, John sends a message of inspiration that helped build a nation, by weaving it with poetry and using trains as the medium. Be patient and open minded. Express your imagination. The magic of words has moved mountains. Poets record the visionary impact of life. The hard work and dedication of railroaders has moved mountains and helped build this nation. It is the lifeblood that continues to play a daily role.

The engineer with hand poised on the throttle, east, west, north, south, the rails feel the pulse of the engine’s thrum.

The poet, with pen poised and readied bleeds and shares, until the final rendezvous.

The Poetry of Geo Thompson​

Poetry Train Canada Book Cover Illustration
by Kristin Morrison

Editing and formatting assistance provided
by Charles Hampton Gragg

Mindee Beth Gonzalez & Two Angels Photography

Selected Poems by Various Poets
Deborah L. Kelly, Richard Doiron, Julie Catherine Vigna, Genni Gunn, Geo Thompson, Nardine Sanderson, Yotanka E. B. Aknatoy, Dominic Albanese, Glenn Shaw, Deborah Thompson, Toyota M. Safari, Candice James, Natalia Govsha, Robert Niswander, Beverly Cialone, Carlos Gomez, K.R. Graff, Yi Pang, and Glenn Meisenheimer.

Dedicated to the Poets of Canada all through time.
Super Gorgeous Renata Augiar Rodrigues
the Youth, and the Wicked Papoose Caboose.

Thanks to Barb Colyott, Cherie Martin, Leo, Kevin Freeman, Paul S. Theobald for Chapter 7 ideas, Martin Pugh, Matt Anderson (Operation Jester), Olafur Gardarsson Chapter 12 lead. Emy Louie, and all that purchased Poetry Train America. Geo Thompson, Dominic Albanese, Yi Pang, Carlos Gomez, Anna Jessica Tonarely aka Lit Chick, Lilija Valis, Steven C. Schreiner and Dana-zoe Gest who have donated to the
website poetrytrain.com.

PoetryTrain.com Poets & Sara Polidoro for the information and thoughts in Chapter 14. Thanks to Dominic Albanese & Alicia Young for kids mailed off fun. & Zach Wells for accurately placing Poets to chapters that are inaccurate data placed by tagging and Google errors that are found from Poet searches online as well as poets who have submitted poems.

In honor of Alphonso Gerald Newcomer.
He said Canadian Poets were a force to deal with,
he was very correct!



Poetry Train Canada Book Trailer:



I love the book, the journey, the poetry, and most of all the truth, and the wisdom. The future Poets and Geo Thompson was a premier driving force beside my coach Charles H. Gragg, and else I have to say is please enjoy, because I surely have and did… Sincerely, John E. WordSlinger… Much love to all of you, that means everyone in this book… Poets all through Canadian Time.

Thank you, much appreciated, WS

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