-My Human Leakage Test’ a book of Poetry

MY HUMAN LEAKAGE TEST poetry by John E. WordSlinger!


On January 25th, 2014 I John E. WordSlinger took Veteran Jester 1
to Edward Himes Jr Hospital in Chicago, IL to operate on his hands. We arrived there at 6:30 a.m. and it was colder then I can remember ever in Chicago for me anyway, and the wind was cutting through the bones. The snow that was plowed along the parking lots were at least 14 to 15 feet high, and the ground was pounding cold. Okay enough of place & environment details. What this day was going to bring was many things, but a few things were experiences I needed in my life, and one for sure was something I have been searching for, for a long time. I never experienced such strong and kind folks in a long time. The patients, the hospitals staff and the medical professionals. The Doctors seem to be, even if most were students, silent about things. I have been to hospitals before and lived in one for a year Michael Reese hospital in 1982 to 1983 but this was something totally un-expected, I sensed a different silence. Were they trying to cure the disease of war? I think so. Once Jester 1 was having his operation. I went down to the ER waiting room… Because I noticed the seating was going to be more comfortable. I asked the man at the information desk if there was a place were there where any poetry books and he said, ‘Maybe.’ He lead me to the library and the canteen. I asked for poetry and he said, ‘Yes, follow me.’ the librarian led me to a shelf of free books, so I looked and I found the book of Susan Sontag’s ‘On Photography,’ and my eyes lit up, was this it? The book i was searching for. A writer that written a book on photography’s power, and law, and it was. The librarian waited for me and said again, ‘Follow Me.”

There was a shelf near his desk and he gave me two magazines, called Veterans’ Voices, the summer and fall issues of 2013. I asked, ‘Free?’

“Yes for you,’ he replied… I thanked him, and made my way back to the waiting room, and began to read the book and take a break from it and read some poetry from the summer issue.

Okay. I was there for 5 hours plus reading and now we are going to journey together through this book via a Youtube playlist I created. This book is powerfully packed with wisdom for the poet and &c and the people around me was recorded in my memory and I was taking all of their lives in. Families, their courage their service, and well they were at the hospital so their pains too… Furthermore their poetry-

This book is PERFECT FOR A POET, who wants to understand the power of the photograph as a poem, furthermore this is all for education, wisdom, and sharing poetry of Veterans, so we will link out, acknowledge and &c-

Photo Source: http://www.desrowan.com/journal/2010/10/12/susan-sontag-on-photography-2/
Facebook Links: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=782962775112466&set=a.783707178371359.1073741864.100001962511437&type=3&theater

Susan Sontag’s On Photography Book Playlist:

On Photography: https://books.google.com/books?id=_lN7UtRmsQwC
Susans Santogs

Ms. Sontag is a human rights activist, playwright, essayist and cultural critic. Her books include novels, a collection of short stories, and works of non-fiction, including Against Interpretation and Other Essays, On Photography, Illness as a Metaphor, Where the Stress Falls, and her latest book, Regarding the Pain of Others, which is expected to be published by Farrar, Strauss and Giroux in early 2003.

links: http://www.susansontag.com/SusanSontag/books/onPhotographyExerpt.shtml
a link to her site:

Photo Source: http://www.susansontag.com/

This book of Poetry was also inspired by the music of Clint Mansell



Susan Sontag is a Fleet of Flood Lights…

Poem Titles

My Mechanical Animal

A Poem Aiding Masturbation

Minus Seventy Seven Years

Ity Cometh Like Sarcosuchus

The Poet and The Vocabulary Movie

The Whatizzit Caravan Onto Awe City

A Blanket & A Boat


They Kept Clothed The Best They Could





~of Vainia

The Match’s That Still Burn

Say Stone

talk about the soul

The Poem Sports Car

Time Hookey In London 1876

Everyone Looks Like An Emperor

Countess Pain

Circus Shoes

Over Extended Ladders That Lead To Nowhere

Angel Child Hobo

Trip (you are a camera)

Jukebox Coffins She said, An Abracadabrant

T-Shirts & Han-kerchiefs


More Sly Than a Fox

Close Them In

bowls of water

I am a Loaded Poet, and I Love Windows To The Soul

Economic Cancer Is Here To Stay


Me-Mouse has a Kingdom, That Came Out of a Mysterious “Black Box”

My Soul Souvenirs-La Passion-Your Le Voyage

As It Is

The Queens Bold Be Bee-


Move to Chicago

Like a Glass Train

Word Sauce

Should I Let You Borrow From My Heart

(this is not a poem this is a warning)

Lets Venture Through The Zone System

Dirty Poems On A Clothes Line/New Ignorance Is the Same Old Dance

Life Guards

read faces hiding the freaky things inside their heads

Fire Me And I’ll Send Myself to Deleitosa


Acting School

Grabs In Thought Casting

Hawaiian Bread

no no no

timeless beauty

Machine Gun Poetry


Tastes of Dirt

Assault Poetry Like Reality

Secret Lotion (oh with that top lip drawn over your top teeth like you figured out something)

nitch 7:06-7:39: nitch

Ignore, Who is Royalness to Ignore? (ding dong ditch)

Wide Range

Harried Notion of a Status


Please Love Me But Kill Me I’am a Linebacker

American Pioneering of Art Shall Always Lead Back, with a Bag & a Dime

the museum of poetry

To Die Better

R.I.P. Mr. Underwood You Made It To Heaven To Your Wife

Quite & Loud

some soul taught me about sleep walkers and the mind of horses

All Poets Face Poets

Poem Hearing

Mr. Meager


Drydon Tell Donne To Kiss Your White Ass

Poetry’s Mortal Enemy’s, Name Them With The Great 5W’s

I Light Myself: MAXIMUM

Baby Cricket

Be Rude To Me

imagery here

we are all the real thing

No Upper & Underwear In the Shit Pit

Fancy Pants

Daguerre And The Harp Star, Vega


The Poetry Drone, aka the Electric Owl

Nipples & Balloons

Roofers Rock

Bad Movie (Bogus)


When Hazel Eyes Seem Black

Renata in Art

Chock Off In Mystification

Shuttle Imagery (Poetry As The Rod)

Shaking the Fence
(Illuminate Hearts to Heavenly Peace
/ A People’s Liberation Poet Fighter of the Poetry Command)
aka The Love Earth Poem

Little Screw


Poem Samples, Commentary’s and Photos Coming Soon!

Thank you, much appreciated, WS

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