An Appreciation to My Readers Two Years of Friendship on O.P.

Dear Friends,
this is a thank you, and a website warming party. I am learning wordpress, and working on so many things, for me, us, and poetry.
I wanted to make a page for you my readers for nearly two years on
When I first found the site, I knew it would be entertaining, and valuble. I am writing a book about my life, and always adding to it. It may never be published in my life time.
You all shall be in the book, because your friendship, reads, and poetry have, and has truly meant so much to me. You all made my days and nights on that site. We shared happiness, and sadness. We learned a lot from each other, and we stuck together through the hard times. There are many more, but you all were always there. No matter what poem I posted you were there, true, and blue.

Now we have turned a page, and have continued to be friends and fans of each other.
We all have roads to take, and things to do in this beautiful life we have, a great gift indeed. I am very busy, and going through a lot, but not a day goes by that the memories speak to me. We all should be happy for all of this. I feel grateful to have your respect, and trust. The other day I thought Oh my, these poets want me to lead them, and they see me as something. It’s an amazing feeling to have this inside me.
I have tried all I could on O.P. I do know we can all make our dreams come true. Mine have, it’s a long story, but it’s in the book. No matter, just remember we did it, all of us, we made, and are making history. A dream come true.
I love all of you so much, always..
I shall be by your pages soon to be entertained, miss it…

John E. WordSlinger
P.S. Make sure your families keep your legacy intact, because my team are keeping your names as a sacred thing…

Madelynn-Tammy Tamborini
The Poetry of Madelynn

Oren C. Cousins
His Poetry

Hampton-Charles C. Gragg
His Poetry

Ginga-Linda Wlodyka
Her Poetry

Watash Legend-James Watash
His Poetry

Grito (R.I.P. my Friend)
His Poetry

T.S. Smith-Bandit
His Poetry

TenderPoison- Elayne Lashell
Her Poetry

Olan ‘Cottontop’ L. Smith
His Poetry

Brett Isernhagen
His Poetry

Kah- Kimberly Hillard
Her Poetry

Ken Knight
His Poetry

dano-Dan Jones
His Poetry
thee words of dano about the last days on O.P.
dano II
the reality of the situation is that it might not… however a house does not make a home… the people who live and love under the same roof is what makes a house a home… we the members of this community that have stepped up and voiced our concerns are the lifes blood of what makes this all so beautiful… we will overcome regardless of weather it is under the op roof or another .com site… united we will stand and deliver our words… our views and our expressions… with passion and integrity as we have always done…

Mindnumbing-Michelle Jones
Her Poetry

FlyFisher57-Mike Garner
His Poetry

DancingHawk-Eve Hogard
Her Website

Papapackzi-Dan Joseph
His Mass WebSite

Rhymer- A. W. Nutter
His Poetry

His Poetry

Stefy Janeva
Her Poetry

Selena Howard
Her Poetry

His Poetry

Neville Park
His Poetry

Ron H. Peat
His Poetry

I love this here by Brett- ‘Quote on the last days of OP by Brett Isernhagen. ’I will be not so much sad that it is gone, but happy that it happened. If this was just a flash over a few years time, it was the flash that launched us each individually on a trajectory to a greater craft.

Brett‘Brett Isernhagen’

Please google search these Poets they are amazing Poets, and People…

My Old Poetry Site with comments still active only.
Poems that help’d Spoke the Wheel there…
The Grid of Her Heart
It’s All so Beautiful When Untouched
When the Laugh Cried and the Cry Laughed
All three of the Poems above are publish’d in O.P. Volume 1
Rattling the Chains- Contest Winner, but never publish’d…”

Greetings from John E WordSlinger on Vimeo.

2010 Petition to get the owners of OP to simply publish Volume 2
Click Here to Fight with The Fighters of Poetry

15 Responses to “An Appreciation to My Readers Two Years of Friendship on O.P.”

  1. I am so honored to have met you and to have my name mentioned with poets I hold in great esteem. I am in awe of all of you and aspire to write with the depth and excellence that I’ve seen . May our voices forever grace the the hearts and lives of those who read the written word

  2. Linda Wlodyka Says:

    Thank you John for your devtion to the written wrod and craft of making that word wonderful and exciting. I look forward to reading more of your work and book. Thank you for including me in your circle of friends I am honored.

  3. Kimberly Hillard Says:

    John – thank you! You, Tammy and many of the poets listed have touched my life. OP gave me so much – friends, fans and a place to continue to learn my craft. I am honored to be in your circle of friends. Kah/Kim

  4. Excellent post thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading and also writing poetry myself. Feel free to check it out. You have a great layout here!

  5. Hi John, you are a great poet and an amazing person, thanks for all your support and everything which you have done for us, that`s great of you. I love your poetry, it`s enchanting!!!….smiles:-)))

  6. John, it is an honor and a pleasure to call you a friend and an ally. You mean the world to dano and me, and without your support and gentle nudging we would have never attempted what we’ve done at 21st Century Poets. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  7. Thanx for the invite John. A man with a mission no doubt. Nothing will stop him but bad weather and even then it has to be a disaster. 🙂

    a poet friend
    RH Peat

  8. Olan L. Smith Says:

    Hello All:

    Thank you, JohnE, my dear friend for promoting poetry and such a fashionable way to readers. You were indeed one of my first friends on Original Poetry along with many of the poets mentioned above. In older days we would commune together in groups or societies and today we can join together virtually. Someday I would love to meet each and every one of you and discuss poetry and muses.

    Love, peace and freedom of consciousness,

    Olan L. Smith (Cotton Jones, Cotton Top Jones)

  9. Hey Slinger cool site man I appreciate the shout out

  10. angel33614 Says:

    wow this is quite a tribute my old friend, I am speechless!!! The fact that you even remembered me out of all your thousands of friends, the fact that you included me in this short but very prestigious list of great poets leaves this poet speechless, and that is hard to do for me, LOL. I am soo sorry I havn’t kept in touch like I should have, just fater OP sank to the bottom of the sea I got very distressed, I put so much time, effort, emotion, so much of myself into that site it just drained me. I needed a break to regroup, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I have always considered you and maddi two of my closest friends. I am a bit of loner trapped in a crowd if that makes any sense. I have people all around me in my life, family, friends, cooworkers, patients, etc but it is like living in a bubble at times. I can seee them and hear them, but it seems like I never quite with them, not really sure if this makes much sense or you can relate? You were one of my very first freinds on OP and I always considered you as a mentor, teacher, and now a friend. What we had on OP was special, sad that it is gone in the winds of time but we are better for the experience nonetheless. I have no regrets but have made my share of mistakes, we learn the best we can from the past and move forward to the promise of the future. The only question I have is where is the future of poetry??? since OP became the land of the lost poets, I havn’t really found a home I felt comfortable in. wattpad,,, They all have their positives and negatives but none have the feel or capture the spirit that embodied our poetic community on OP… This is just my feeling, perhaps misguided. So I wander the land of the lost, trying to regroup, trying to find our new home… Purity of the soul, journey well!!! with grace and humility your friend always ANGEL

  11. angel33614 Says:

    two things to add, sorry I was late the party, LOL. Second if you could change my listing to angel33614 or aka as not many people in the poetry world know me by my real name. only you and a select few ever did, not that I worried or afraid about people knowing my real name, more that most people from OP wouldn’t recongize me by that name. Thanks as always my friend!!! tell maddi I said hello and I miss our talks, keep intouch my friend! angel out

  12. Antique silver … Rich, mysterious, crafted for those who want to look deep into those wealthy caverns of (as yet) untapped creativity .
    Appropriate visual appointment John.

  13. I am truly impressed John, with this monumental website. . May your Muse always whisper great thoughts and sweet words to you. May your poetic monuments withstand the tests or time. to bring joy , to console sorrow, to reassure and breathe love in the minds of fellowmen and in the minds of posterity., in ages to come. May The Great Supreme never passes you by. May you never be weary in well doing.

  14. so what’s happening John?

  15. This your letter and miscellanea pertaining mostly to our camaraderie and good times we have had on the Original Poetry site is very poignant , inspiring and sincere , John. May you continue to grow from strength to strength. “The friends thou hast and their adoption tried, Grapple them to thy breast with hoops of steel.”
    May the true poets of OP never forget the good times we had together. The voyage was wonderful and exciting before the boat ran aground.

Thank you, much appreciated, WS

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