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is a poet with 4 wheel drive, so lets go for a ride…..
\,,/_(-.-)_\,,/ ~ WordSlingers’ NUDGED SKETCHES OF FLIGHTY THINGS

and most of all CRITIQUE
@ YOUR OWN RISK !!! ….
-smiles and blessings….. lol…

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My Internet Writing Life Motto is-
Keep it Poetry and Poetry Shall Keep You:,
Short Bio:Hazard…

I have to take the road that Bruce Lee
took towards the Martial Arts, as an
Analogy here. Like Water;
I take the Literature Arts of Poetry.
In the beginning I used free verse,
swift rhyming, lyrical, metal-rap-groove verse.
With definition and aggression.
Now I try different systems,
in all genres, as always,
And put them to my personal use,
furthermore put to use what is useful
when needed,  and reject what I don’t need
at the time for a specific write.
Using no specific way is the way,
I am the way I write, but keeping in mind,
the tools at hand. No limitations as the limitation.
With all poetry styles ( trapping, and grabbing)-
(Mind locks-Heart locks-Spiritual locks-)
Honestly expressing ones self is difficult to do:
The Poet, the creating individual is always
more important than any style or system.
Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless,
And add to what is your own.
I write my own interpretation of poetry.
Concepts behind concepts.
Dedicating to creating
creative new-original thoughts, and poetry.
Like I write with one hand,
but if I could write with the other,
at the same time, a different poem,
that would be to break boundaries.
As asking multi-tasking: Poetry styles separate poets.
Style is a continuous growth.
Poetry skills/tools are weapons and you have
to use all of them, to incorporate all styles.
(Move all parts of your poetry)
Put everything into it, all energy.
Rest then progress.
A true poet is constantly growing,
and when he or she are bound by a set of styles,
or a way of doing things, that’s when he,
or she stops growing.
To reach a reader you have to move
to them, advance, and retreat- advance retreat,
furthermore slide and step back, push,
and push back, circle them
( put the reader on defense),
and close them in, and hit them
with the best closure.
Poetry is like water, flexible, it has to go somewhere.

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 I  love making  love to the alphabet.

I believe in her, and I believe she can be anything she wants to be.


Treacherous urges steadily spur
on this dreadful adventure of what we lure!-Poem Madversity…
In the Poets’ hood keep the Poets’ eye-
For a good Poet shall never die! Poets of Blood &c &c

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25 Responses to “Welcome to John E. WordSlingers’ Nudged Sketches of Flighty Things”

  1. Wordslinger, it was good to hear from you. This site is like your writing, excellent my friend.

  2. I enjoyed reading your poetry and the art illustrations complement your work well.

  3. Poetry is like water, flexible, it has to go somewhere

    Great line. Love your blog…hard hitting but sensitive. Thanks for visiting me, too. Hugs, pat

  4. Thanks for your visit! You have some amazing poetry here! 🙂

  5. Best ‘about’ page I’ve ever read 🙂

  6. wow! what a beautiful blog you have:)
    And i really like your poetry and the pictures..
    Thank you for commenting on my poem, i agree our motto is similar.
    I signed up for you blog, because i guess i would need a little dose of sunshine from your blog.

  7. it’s great to visit your blog. would be back again …. you write so well. all the best.

  8. I really enjoyed wandering around your site and will be sure to be back…btw what is the background pic you are using? it looks great.

  9. ‘Style is a continuous growth’

    definitely and growth that is never over.

    I also liked how you ended your poem

  10. :] breaking the boundaries… always something to crack a smile :] xx

  11. Thank you for joining Poets United. We look forward to visiting your blog and reading poetry. We also look forward to seeing you in our community.

    Ink runs from the corners of my mouth
    There is no happiness like mine.
    I have been eating poetry.
    ~Mark Strand

  12. bravo, brilliant insights.

    do join poets rally week 51 if you can.

  13. Just wanted to let you know I awarded you a versatile blogger award. Here’s my post: http://cursemymetalbody.wordpress.com/2011/10/11/versatile-blogger-award/

  14. First time here…love the page…” a true poet is constantly growing”…couldn’t agree more. I am learning different styles of poetry…I need to be better at rhyme! Glad I stopped by here thanks for visiting me.

  15. How perfectly you defined the poet…I could read myself in it 🙂
    Lovely 🙂

  16. What a unique website design! Poetry is like a nibble of a decadent piece of chocolate. You are left craving more!

  17. Hi John, just popping by to say hello, and to let you know that we have a new site – http://www.dagdapublishing.co.uk

    If you want to receive future updates and poetry by new writers from us, please head to the new site, and click “Follow this
    blog” (You can do so by just liking a post in our blog (which is where the poetry is residing now), which then gives you the option to follow). We look forward to seeing you
    over there, and thank you for your support over the last year and a half. Here’s to the next chapter 🙂

    – Dagda Publishing

  18. very good i agree we should all be like water

  19. In my humble opinion, ‘John E Wordslinger is one of the greatest authors of this century’- and I’ve opined this surely not to make you blush but to let you realize the very truth about yourself, John! Your rebellious poetry gives us direction through the miraculous train that you’ve brought to our stationless tyrannical world..Thanks for all your great works and deeds!

    • Munia, you have no idea what this comment means to me. I ‘am so glad you see what I do. -… …- and you Lady are for sure one of the Greatest Poets of our time, and in time all of time. and you are welcome, appreciated & blushing charm’d… O’WS

  20. John @ you’re really a great inspiration to us …I learnt a lot from you and I’m always so proud of you and of your great thoughts ..Keep shining

Thank you, much appreciated, WS

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