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Miracles of Happiness to Everyone

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Miracles of Happiness to Everyone

The waters of poetry are dangerous. The emotions of their beauty are ever lasting. Our modern Poet Madelynn has taken us to realize the true beauty we all can be, and create. We all come undone, and we all come together under poetry. We are all together stretched when poetry dreams disown, but when poetry dreams sing to us, they make us dance. Poetry heals, and poetry saves lives.

Let us know, and remember the great moments of opportunity. We were born to write poetry this is our time to be happy, to win true poetry contests, and be published, and to those that haven’t, they will, furthermore they will feel the excitement of being a wayfarer, true to the heart of poetry.

A parent that loves a child’s path will protect their child, and then a neighbors child. Do you listen to the hurt, and do you listen to what benefits you?
There are miracles in the making, and belief enables us to see these things.
How hard is it to remove stumbling stones from the path of our youth? Can you look them in the eyes, and say you have? Forever happens every few minutes, and we can forever change the enjoying future for a better living…

The Poets of the past challenge us, and we should challenge ourselves, and be determined to make people dream.

Owners of Poetry websites have a beautiful idea, but are they working at full
Capability with available technologies, and uniting? The human thirst for Poetries excellence, and knowledge is high. Are they taking every step up the ladder of literature arts?

I had a bad virus on my laptop, and two Microsoft technicians fixed it for free, Thomas Leon, and Ullas Govindappa. They did this why? For the sake of Poetry, the Poets of Blood, for the 21stCentury Poets.

We all have the power to create beautiful positive things for poetry. Like me and Madelynns’ Poets of Blood Poetry Group. The School of Poetry, The Poets Briefcase. A Poem Bank, and site Book Store. The two ideas may have possibly been stolen since they were publicly posted, and sites surfaced with these ideas. The Snow Poets Christmas Book, to aid the needy children. The Poets Theatre, ( a video poem showcase ). Many free promotions like the History Channel. We also have Bandits Poetry Survivor, Asha and my Snow Poets, RPT40’s Buzz Worthy, Angels Great site advice, Plot121’s UPA, Miss Kanickis Kenneth Wooden Contest, Ginga and TearDrops Collaborative Poems- the mission of writing poems together. Interactive Poetry, and that is challenging, and beneficial. Collaborative- sharing knowledge, learning, and building consensus.

Remember 9/11, in how we united? Are we still united? Are they still remembered, or are they forgotten? It took courage to jump out of those buildings. It takes courage to stand up for Poetry or swim in it…

John E. WordSlinger, 10 June, 2011

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