( John E Wordslinger & Nassira Nezzar)

I look at that horizon ..
Billions of stars were thrown on the dark..
I look at the brilliance of moon ..
Many promises were thrown between later and soon …
I look at you in the thronged silence,
In the rebellion of wars
In thirst of peace
and the vibration of existence
Your whispers were there sitting
at the brink of dreams, in
in the mid of screens infested with
the sternest images …
I take my breath while searching
the scent of the withering flowers,
while searching for peace
in the bins of powers …
In my shades of peace
I want to ride the sun
The first sight of you
My intuition told me
You do things differently
Photos of you with your two thumbs
Tells me my intuition is correct
As always, as always
I feel…

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Thank you, much appreciated, WS

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