When Words Become Hunger Pains of Theodicy

When Words Become Hunger Pains of Theodicy

I had some poems in my head, they love to hide
Know they’re still there, thick as blood inside
Something about humanity in my pocket
‘They’re scared’ they’ve whispered to me
Maybe this poem is like a docket
I’ll tell you, they will not budge
They’ve lost faith in any Judge

They are hungry, I can only feed them words
I tell them, love’s unconditional from birds
Something about their fears, that makes me stand tall
I tell them we can do this, all of the numbers in all

I feel nightmares of real journalists as they sleep
All hands on the table, it is now time to eat
All of their secrets, and shadows, there in the deep
This is the only way to admit and overcome defeat
Feed with good, feed the good wolf, and shape shift from sheep
I am theirs, but they are the promise, they suddenly do keep

© 2012 John E. WordSlinger

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11 Responses to “When Words Become Hunger Pains of Theodicy”

  1. Wordslinger , You never toot your own horn , but man oh man this poem is rocking it ! Spitting out the truth in Wordslinger style and keeping it real !Check it out people

    • Olan L. Smith Says:

      Excellent poetry, John; you put the battle of good and evil in sublime verse. Fighting evil with words is really the only power we humans ever had to fight evil. Waxing philosophic you address how can evil exists in the presence of God. You use words that stimulate us; such as, “I had some poems inside my head they love to hide…” a pain most poets we can relate to; “I can only feed them words…”, and “shape shift from sheep…” a very original way of saying, wolves in sheep’s clothing and shows you mastery of the language. Over all, John, one cannot defeat evil but it can be balanced for without it we would not know what good is and if you managed to eliminate all evil then humans would preceive in the that new realm a lesser goodness and that lesser good would become the new evil. Pure good cannot be reached for this world is always in the act of “smelting” or purification. But what is termed evil can and will eradicate good, making it worthless and the whole pot becomes scrap and the smelter gives up and tosses it away in the scrap heap. Love, peace and freedom, Olan Smith

  2. This is really good John. this line:
    “love’s unconditional from birds” is out of sight.

    you have a tense problem in:

    “‘They’re scared’ they whisper to me
    Maybe this poem is like a docket
    I’ll tell you, they will not budge”

    The three lines go from plural to singular and then back to plural. Maybe:
    (those poem are like a docket)
    But if you do mean a shift to the singular the next line might read:
    (I tell you my poems will not budge)
    Just some thoughts there to clarify.

    (poems are scared; they whisper to me
    maybe this poem is a docket
    I tell you my poems will not budge)

    The use of pronouns can confuse the deeper issues in a a poem.

    The complete poem howls for me. A wonderful bit of insight.

    a poet friend
    RH Peat

  3. Julie Catherine Says:

    Wonderful poem, John, love this! ~ Julie :)

Thank you, much appreciated, WS

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